Salma Hayek Tried to Get Lip Injections and It Didn't Go Well

Salma Hayek used another trick to evoke a full pout.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 10, 2019 4:40 PMTags
Salma Hayek, Like a bossParamount Pictures

It didn't take long for Salma Hayek to realize her true feelings about lip injections. 

The actress is set to star as cosmetics mogul Claire Luna in the upcoming comedy, Like a Boss, alongside Tiffany HaddishRose Byrne and more famous faces. For the role, the actress really wanted to kick things up a notch. "At first, the part was a very straightforward, ambitious businesswoman," she explained to InStyle. "It was fun to work with Miguel and the writers to create an actually crazy character."

For Claire's look, Hayek got dolled up in red hair, flashy clothes and even gray eye contacts for artificiality. While looking ultra glamorous is certainly not foreign to the longtime movie star, a needle in her lip was. 

"First, I wanted to do Botox and inject my lips, which I've never done," she shared with the magazine. However, since Botox couldn't be reversed and Hayek had other shoots, fillers were the next best option...almost. 

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"My friend [dermatologist] Dr. [Maurice] Dray said, 'I don't know if you're going to be happy because it's going to hurt super bad.' I said, 'Well, let's give it a try,'" she recalled to InStyle. "He put the first needle in my mouth, and I immediately said, 'No! Forget it! I'm done!'"

Still, Hayek did not give up on the physical vision for her character. "Instead it became, 'How do I make it look like I have lip injections?'" she asked. The answer? Fake teeth! 

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Meanwhile, it doesn't sound like Hayek is interested in cosmetically altering her own looks. "My mother always demonstrated the importance of aging gracefully," she told the magazine. "I never saw her or my grandmother being afraid of getting old. And so I don't have that fear."