Jimmy Kimmel’s Wax Figure is Absolutely Terrifying

Jimmy Kimmel was the latest celeb to get a wax figure Madame Tussauds Hollywood and his statue is so realistic—and terrifying. See for yourself here.

By emily belfiore Dec 10, 2019 1:32 PMTags
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We've seen plenty of celebrity wax figures in our day, but none compare to Jimmy Kimmel's.

On Monday, the late night host unveiled his statue during Jimmy Kimmel Live, which will appear in Madame Tussauds Hollywood's "Jimmy Kimmel Live Experience" exhibit starting Tuesday, and seized an amazing opportunity to prank his co-workers.

"We decided to have a 'Jimmy Kimmel Experience' here, at our show," he said during Monday night's episode. "We brought wax me into our office and we put it in strange places around the building to surprise my co-workers—with special emphases on my cousin Micki [Marseglia]."

After unboxing the wax figure, the Jimmy Kimmel Live team stationed Wax Jimmy in front of the elevators, which really caught his coworkers off-guard. Several employees had to a double take after seeing the statue—and of course, there were tons of gasps and screams.

"Oh, my god that shared the sh--t out of me," one co-worker yelled as they walked to their office.

Celeb Wax Figures

But, no one's reaction compared to Jimmy's unsuspecting cousin Micki. Throughout the day, the wax figure kept popping up as she made her way around the building. "Oh, my god, he keeps haunting us!" she yelled after running into it at the reception area.

Wax Jimmy was even waiting for her in the kitchen. After having a full-body scare, Micki said, "Oh, my god, I love him but he keeps scaring me!" Studying the wax figure, she added, "It is so insane…but so cute."  

Naturally, the late night host planted the wax figure in her office as well. "This guy keeps scaring me," she yelled as she threw her phone with horror. "Oh, my god, he's gonna give me a heart attack."

After a couple of more scares, Jimmy decided to take things up a notch by trading places with the wax figure. Frozen in the statue's pose, he patiently waited for Micki to enter the Guest Dressing Room. She was scared after discovering the figure, but didn't piece together that it was her cousin until later.

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Following the scare, Jimmy found another way to mess with Micki one last time.

"Did you know it was me every time?" he asked his bewildered cousin. "We don't even have a wax figure."

Trust us, you're going to have to watch this epic scare in the video above!