90 Day Fiancé Was Filled With Awkward Prenup Talk, Botox and Annoyed Kids

Anna tried to get her kids on board the Mursel train while Michael and Juliana danced around a prenup on 90 Day Fiancé

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How do you solve a problem like Mursel? If you're the kids of 90 Day Fiancé's Anna, you simply end the engagement and send him back to Turkey. That's essentially what Joey, Anna's oldest kid maintained throughout the episode.

While shopping for tuxedos, Mursel attempted to talk to Joey about his feelings—through the translation app, of course—and it didn't go very well. Mursel thought they could just talk it through and everything would be fine, Anna would be happy, life would go on. Joey wasn't buying it and said his mother would be burdened if she wed Mursel. When asked if he wanted the wedding to happen, Joey said no. Why? "Because it's stupid."

Anna tried to get the kids on team Mursel with a picnic. It didn't work. Her youngest, Leo, said he thinks they're breaking up. Joey maintained he would not go to the wedding. This left Anna crushed.

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She said she wants to get married to Mursel because eventually her sons will grow up and leave her. "Maybe I'm not supposed to be happy, I don't know," Anna wondered.


Angela and Michael
Fresh off two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Angela and Michael jumped over to the mothership show for the first time. Viewers were treated to Angela getting botox so she looked fresh and younger for Michael. "I ain't constipated no more," she said after getting the needles to the face.

In Nigeria, Michael prepared for his visa interview by visiting his family and some American friends he made. The Americans warned him that some parts of the South are still ripe with racism. He said he will just keep to himself and revealed his desire to get an egg from Angela's daughter so Angela, 53, could carry the baby.

Angela said if Michael didn't get his visa, she was done with the relationship. "It's K-1 or K-done," she said.

Tania and Syngin
With only 65 days left to wed, Tania announced she was leaving for 30 of them to go be a healer in Costa Rica. Understandably, Syngin was worried about what his life would be like in America without her. He said he doesn't have friends, he can't get a job, so he'll just be in the shed behind her mom's house? Tania's mom said he could borrow the car, and expected him to help out around the house. As for when he'd talk to Tania, well, she said she wasn't sure. She'll be learning in classes and exploring the country when she's not. His request to talk every day didn't seem unreasonable, but Tania said he was the clingiest man she'd ever been with.

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Emily and Sasha
With all of the visas and passports all set, Emily and Sasha frantically started packing for their move to America. But one thing continued to trouble Emily. No, it wasn't Sasha saying she should bring pants that are too small for her to be her motivation to get back into shape, but it's what he's not packing. He earmarked some shorts and shirts. This worried her. Is he ready to bail? "Is he all in?" she wondered.

As they said goodbye to Sasha's parents at the airport, his mom said she worried about the two of them. She said she knows how her son is, what with his two previous marriages and two other kids…

Jasmin and Blake
In Los Angeles, Jasmin met Blake's family for the first time and had her first awkward family meeting. Blake's mom and stepdad don't want the two of them living together under their roof because of religious reasons. His mom said it was a miscommunication, and that Blake didn't clarify that the two of them were going to be living together. So, Blake packed up and head to his brother's while Jasmin prepared to live with his parents.

Michael and Juliana
Money, money, money. That was the hot topic of conversation for Michael and Juliana. While discussing their plans with the wedding planner, Juliana revealed she was previously married at the age of 19. Michael said it was basically an arranged marriage. Juliana said it was just the two of them, they signed papers, had lunch, and then her first husband began complaining about the price of lunch.

"The marriage was bad. Really bad. I decided to divorce and I move out," she said.

So, here they are now. Just three of her friends will be coming to her second wedding, mostly because she said she doesn't want her friends and family to see her new life and then expect endless help from her.

And that's where Michael's ex-wife (who will officiate the wedding) came in. During an incredibly awkward standing conversation in the kitchen, she asked Michael and Juliana about a prenup. Michael said it was something he had in mind. Sarah said she just wanted to make sure her kids would be taken care of (with Michael's assets). And Juliana? She didn't quite understand what was going on. In a confessional, Juliana said sometimes the conversations scare her because she doesn't understand what they're talking about, like this one with a prenup.

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