Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and More Stars React to Their 2020 Golden Globe Nominations

These stars are waking up to the sweet sound of a Golden Globe nomination.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 09, 2019 2:30 PMTags
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It was a very good morning for these stars. 

Bright and early Monday, Tinseltown officially kicked off another award season with the highly anticipated 2020 Golden Globe nominations. Tim Allen, Dakota Fanning and Susan Kelechi Watson did the honors of announcing the star-studded list of contenders for the upcoming ceremony. That esteemed list includes A-list stars like Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Eddie Murphy, who got to begin their days on an exciting note as 2020 Golden Globe nominees. While some, like Cynthia Erivo and Ben Platt, are ending the year with a special career first, screen veterans like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren are adding yet another nomination to their impressive resumes. 

Needless to say, it was an unforgettable moment for many famous names in Hollywood and, as to be expected, they had much to say on this very special day. As Kirsten Dunst perfectly summarized, "Best 5AM news ever!!!!"

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Not to fret, E! News rounded up all of the 2020 nominees' reactions in the gallery below. Just keep scrolling! And, don't forget to tune in to the main event on Jan. 5 on NBC. 

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Margot Robbie

"It's an honor to be nominated for a film that I'm so proud to be a part of @bombshellmovie. I'm so grateful to the HFPA. Congratulations @CharlizeAfrica on your nomination!!! What a dream to work alongside you and this exceptional cast and crew. @goldenglobes."

Helena Bonham Carter

"I'm thrilled at the news of the nomination this morning in particular because I tried really hard! I wanted to do full justice to the complexities of this woman. I don't think life was very easy for her, but it's certainly fun to pretend to be her!"

Michael Douglas

"What a great day. Thank you HFPA for the nomination and for making my Dad proud on his 103 birthday."

Natasha Lyonne

"Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press for this incredible honor. I put my heart and soul into Nadia Vulvokov and share this recognition with everyone who worked tirelessly on Russian Doll. Thank you to Amy and Leslye for helping me craft with such detail and to Netflix and NBC Universal for your support. This nomination is very affirming on a creative level and means the world to me. Currently hard at work in the writers' room on our second season where I'll be spending most of the day plotting how to get Joe Pesci's autograph at the ceremony. Thank you!"


"Just woke up to this exciting news and am incredibly honored. I am beyond grateful to the HFPA, and to be grouped with such insanely talented actresses. I grew up watching the Golden Globes every year, cheering for my favorite films and actors...it is surreal that I now get to go!  Wait, I do get to go right?"

Elton John & David Furnish

"We are thrilled to bits that Rocketman has been nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards. We are grateful to have worked alongside so many talented artists and craftspeople to bring Elton's extraordinary life story to the big screen. It means the world to us to have their talents recognized and honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press. We are ecstatic that Taron Egerton has been nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical. He completely immersed himself in Elton's life and delivered a magnificently powerful performance in both acting and song."

Taron Egerton

"Thank you to all the members of the HFPA! The chance to share Elton's story in this way has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I am humbled by this recognition and immensely proud of the entire filmmaking team that helped bring Rocketman to life."

Jennifer Aniston

"I have never loved a Monday morning more! How exciting to wake up to this news and I am so honored to be included with my incredible partner Reese, and all the other extraordinary actresses in our category.  Thank you to the HFPA for recognizing our show and all the passion we put into making it. From everyone at Apple TV+, the producers, directors, everyone both in front and behind the camera, we put our heart and soul into The Morning Show and I/we are so grateful that you recognized us with these nominations."

Alan Arkin

"Good news! This must mean I'm still alive."

Adam Driver

"I'm incredibly honored to be among this list of actors and extremely grateful to the HFPA. My experience with this movie has felt rare from the start because of the environment that Noah created in the script and on set, the actors and crew I got to work with, and the support that Netflix gave us along the way. A moment like this is hard to describe. I can only repeat how lucky I am to be a part of this movie."

Christina Applegate

"Holy moly! Thank you hollywood foreign press! I'm so humbled! What a way to wake up!!!

Eddie Murphy

"I am humbled and honored that the Hollywood Foreign Press has chosen to recognize Dolemite Is My Name and my performance in the film. This film was sixteen years in the making, and was a true labor of love for everyone involved in its creation. I am beyond grateful that both audiences and critics have embraced it so enthusiastically, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that everyone who worked on the film shares in these nominations."

Roman Griffin Davis

"Thank you very much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for my Golden Globe nomination. I am amazed and so grateful. Playing Jojo Rabbit was the most important experience in my life. Taika's story about a little boy who was influenced by hate during WW2 but found the ability to love and accept all others was a responsibility I could not have achieved without the talents and support of Taika, Carthew, Rachel and my fellow cast and crew. I see this nomination as a gift to everyone involved in the film. And thank you to Fox Searchlight, for the opportunity to have missed so much school."

Billy Porter

"Everybody has a story. Stories create empathy. Empathy creates a pathway to the respect of our collective humanity. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for seeing POSE and helping to illuminate and share our stories with the world. The Category is...LOVE!"

Jennifer Lopez

"I could not be more proud to be recognized by the HFPA! Ramona was a complicated character and it was an honor and challenge to bring her to life. Hustlers was a labor of love, sweat and perseverance that was written, directed, produced, edited and starred a group of badass women. I am proud and honored to represent them and this film."

Ana de Armas

"I am so overwhelmed and excited to receive my first Golden Globe nomination that I can hardly believe it is true. I am very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their support and appreciation of Knives Out. Congratulations to Daniel & Rian and the entire cast and crew on the nomination. This role was an absolute dream for me and to be a part of such an enormously talented ensemble is a chance of a lifetime. I will treasure this moment."

Antonio Banderas
"Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for my nomination for best actor. My longtime partnership with Pedro is something I greatly value. I am proud of the work accomplished in PAIN AND GLORY, and appreciate the HFPA acknowledging not only my performance, but the film as a whole. Also, thank you to Sony Pictures Classics for their continued support of the film."


Annette Bening

"I feel very fortunate to be part of the team that made THE REPORT.  I appreciate that the HFPA has included me in this list of fine actresses."

Cynthia Erivo

"Bringing Harriet Tubman to life for the first time on the big screen has meant the world to me, and to do so with an incredibly talented and diverse group of filmmakers has been an absolute honor. To be nominated for both my performance and the song I had the privilege to co-write for the film is a testament to Harriet's enduring legacy and a celebration of her incredible story, which is long overdue. I am grateful to the HFPA for this recognition and feel truly blessed and humbled to be included on a list of such incredible artists. To say that this is overwhelming and a dream come true is putting it lightly.  I'm excited to attend my first Golden Globe awards, and to share the night with friends and people I love is icing on the cake. This is beyond my wildest dreams."

Todd Phillips

"My sincere thanks to the HFPA for their significant recognition of Joker. We set out to make a small film about some big issues —and it's been incredibly gratifying to see how the movie and Joaquin's brilliant performance are resonating with so many.  I congratulate our wonderful composer, Hildur, and my fellow producers Emma Tillinger Koskoff and Bradley Cooper, who worked tirelessly with our amazing crew to bring this film to the screen.  I also congratulate my fellow nominees and am so proud to be in their company."

Joaquin Phoenix

"Thanks so much to the HFPA for all of their support for Joker."

Mimi Leder

"What a beautiful morning for The Morning Show! Feeling grateful to be able to bring this story to light alongside a most brilliant group of artists – our cast and crew who worked passionately from their hearts and souls to continue the conversation of power, greed, and toxicity in the workplace. It is an important time, and a privilege, to be able to tell stories and create art that reflects the times we are living in. Thank you HFPA for this incredible honor and for also recognizing Jennifer and Reese. Working with them is a dream come true. Kerry, Michael and I are blown away!"

Beanie Feldstein

"What a ridiculously surreal, special morning. Thank you to the HFPA for this beautiful nomination amongst the most extraordinary women. And to get to be there with my partner on this journey - Kaitlyn Dever, my life partner - Ben Platt, and my Lady Bird - Saoirse Ronan, is too much for my heart."

Paul Rudd

"What an honor to be nominated for a Golden Globe and I'm grateful to the HFPA. I'm humbled to be included in a group that's so talented and respected."

Kaitlyn Dever
"Wow. I can't believe this!!! Thank you to the HFPA, Golden Globes for your support and nominating me for my first Golden Globe. I feel so blessed to be recognized alongside such a talented group of women. To my fellow Unbelievable cast, and the extraordinary producers, congratulations! It was a team effort to bring Marie's story to the forefront and do her justice. THANK YOU to everyone who put their trust in me to portray Marie. I'm incredibly honored and overwhelmed."
Saoirse Ronan

"Getting to play Jo March, one of the most inspiring characters in literature, still today, has been an honor. I am eternally grateful to Greta Gerwig for her guidance and partnership, and for her fierce perseverance that brought this incredible cast together and created an environment for us to become a real family and tell this very special story. My performance in this film belongs to Greta as much as it does myself and I share this recognition completely with her."

Reese Witherspoon

"When I'm awakened by shaking and my husband's much too loud and excited voice at 5 AM, it must be a good day! I've been blessed to work with talented actors and creative teams throughout my career, but this year really takes the cake because I had the honor of working with two amazing groups of people on both Big Little Lies and The Morning Show! I can't say enough about each actor, writer, producer creator and member of the hardworking crews that brought these stories to life. Acting is my first love and it was always my dream when I began producing and started Hello Sunshine that we would create smart and compelling stories with strong female voices at the center, but to have people actually enjoy the work we do is truly all I could have hoped for! I'm grateful to the HFPA and to my partners HBO and Apple, David E. Kelly and Kerry Ehrin, Nicole, Laura, Shailene, Zoe, Meryl, Jen, Steve, Billy, Mark, Gugu, Karen, and everyone who had a hand in bringing Big Little Lies and The Morning Show to life!"

Tom Hanks

"Thank you to the HFPA. I am happy to be in such an accomplished group of actors."

Charlize Theron

"As a producer on Bombshell, I feel extra grateful for my nomination today and also the one for Margot Robbie. We fought to get this movie made because we thought now more than ever this was an important story to tell. Nominations and awards are so exciting, but the most important thing about them is they help get audiences to see the movies. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press for paving the way for more people - women and men - to have another reason why they should go see this film. I share this excitement with my incredible producing partners, our director Jay Roach, our screenwriter Charles Randolph and the entire cast and crew on this film."

Martin Scorsese

"It means so much to all of us—to me, Bob, Joe, Al, and the whole team—to be recognized with these nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for our work on The Irishman."

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