10 Items to Take Your Binge-Watching Next Level

Everything you need to binge-watch with abandon.

By Carly Milne Mar 30, 2020 6:26 PMTags
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Ahhh, there's nothing like a good binge watch. Hours spent in front of your TV, or computer, or phone, nothing but you and your favorite show and a pile of snacks for a day, all cozied up on the couch or in bed to enjoy some quality time with your favorite streamer.

Sounds like perfection, right? Well, imagine if it could be more perfect...that's why we built this list of must-haves for you or for the binge-watcher in your life. 

Check out our list and pick your faves below! We fully support your marathon viewing sessions.

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Bed Tray Table With Folding Legs

First things first: you need a functional snack tray. And while it doesn't have to be fancy, it should at least have a modicum of style. This one is made of bamboo—so it's eco-friendly—and has tray handles and folding legs.

Multifunction Double Layer Snack Dish

Snack tray? Check. Now you need a perfect snack bowl. Not only is this one two levels—making it easy to double-stack your snacks, or give you a handy place to stash shells when you're eating nuts—but it also holds your phone, so you can continue to watch your show when you go to the kitchen for refills.

X-Large Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow With Cup Holders

For moments when you're not prone, you need proper support. Enter this cozy pillow, made of memory foam on the inside and velour on the outside. And as an added bonus, the arms have molded cup holders to ensure you won't spill your drink when there's excitement on the screen.


The classics are classic for a reason! Snuggies were practically made for binge watching, with cozy fleece that enrobes you in awesomeness and keeps you, umm, snug, even during the scary parts.

Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer

When you're in the midst of a mega binge-watching session, you don't want anything to interrupt you—so best to have everything you need within reach. This armrest organizer will hold your remote, phone, iPad, and even magazines and books, but why on earth would you need those…

Reacher Grabber Tool

So the inevitable has happened: you've dropped the remote. And what's worse, the batteries fell out and rolled out of reach. Fret not! Just grab your handy dandy Reacher Grabber tool, and life—or rather, your show—can begin again, all without you having to leave the couch.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Maybe your marathon session is taking you late into the night, and those you share a home with aren't too keen about the noise of your show waking them from a deep sleep. Get these noise-canceling headphones that are Bluetooth ready and built to pair with your TV. Problem solved.

Sequin Stars Genuine Shearling Slipper

In the event that some insensitive soul comes to your door in the middle of your binge-watching session, you'll want to make sure you have a solid pair of slippers to take you from the couch to the door to tell them to go away. These Uggs have a hard-bottom sole, but they have a shearling lining, so they're still comfy on the inside. Plus, the sequins add a little bit of excitement to your binge-watching attire.

vCharged 12 FT Longest MFi Certified Lightning Cable

Whether you're watching on your phone or iPad, or you just need to make sure you have enough juice to stay connected to the outside world, this cable is long enough to reach across the room to the outlet and keep you powered up for days on end.


Because cooking is for suckers during a mega-watch, you'll want to make sure to have options that can come directly to you, without interrupting your viewing flow too terribly much. Enter Postmates, and bam! Food of your choice is delivered.

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