Hilary Duff Grilling Meghan Trainor On Lizzie McGuire Trivia Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Hilary Duff quizzed mega fan Meghan Trainor on Lizzie McGuire trivia—and it was what dreams are made of. Watch the amazing moment here.

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This is literally what dreams are made of!

On Thursday, Meghan Trainor had her Lizzie McGuire Movie knowledge put to the test during an episode of Billboard's QUIZZED. Asking the "Lips Are Moving" singer trivia questions was none other than Lizzie McGuire herself, Hilary Duff.

Before heading into the questions, Meghan confessed that she watches Hilary's performance of "What Dreams Are Made Of" from the 2003 film quite often. "I watched it all the time," she told Hilary. "I watched the performance a lot on YouTube, too…It's so good."

After she fangirled over the film, Hilary made confession of her own. "I actually watched it over the weekend with my son [Luca, 7] because I hadn't seen it since the premiere," she said. "That was a very big portion of my life that I was like, ‘I'm good for a minute…' He was in and out, but my future husband [Matthew Koma] loved it…He loved it the most. I was like, ‘You're such a nerd.'"

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The duo kicked things off with a round of true or false questions. Meghan breezed through Hilary's first questions from the beginning of the movie, which included naming the song Lizzie sings while getting ready for graduation, recalling her student council role and the excuse she gave to ditch the group during their trip to Italy. But, unfortunately, the "No" singer got stumped when it came to remembering Gordo's real name.

Seeing she needed a hint, Hilary listed a few names for the singer to pick from. "Billy, David, Paul…" she said, before declaring David the right answer.

For round 2, the Younger star grilled Meghan on some general trivia questions. The "All About That Bass" singer was able to remember minute details like Lizzie's roommate's name and Paolo's plan to distract the hotel's receptionist but really struggled to remember the name of the bike the Italian popstar drove. "A red scooter," she said. "With a V…A vet…a Vespa! I've never heard of a Vespa in my whole life."

Next, Hilary asked Meghan to recall where her character and Gordo had their first kiss, which she said her son Luca wasn't a fun of.

"It was so awkward, I have to tell you," the "Come Clean" singer began. "Luca, my seven-year-old son, was watching. He was like, ‘Are you guys gonna kiss now?' And I was like, ‘Yeah we're totally gonna kiss.' And then we did and then [Gordo] pulls away and he goes, ‘Thank you.' And Luca was like, ‘Oh, you can't do that!' And I was like, ‘What do you know about what you can and can't do?!'"

Moving on to the third and final round, Meghan was tasked with matching quotes from the film with their respective characters.

"Promise me that when we're here, we'll find adventures," Hilary read. "This is our chance to start over. I mean, do anything we want to do." 

Think you know which character said it? Find out the answer and watch Hilary surprise Meghan with the ultimate Lizzie McGuire gift above!