Watch James Bond Come Face to Face With Female 007 In No Time To Die Trailer

Daniel Craig's James Bond meets Lashana Lynch's female 007 in the first No Time To Die trailer. Watch the thrilling teaser here!

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There's no time to die, but there is time to watch the new James Bond trailer!

The first official trailer for Daniel Craig's final turn as 007, in theaters April 8, dropped on Wednesday, and it's an action-packed thrill ride. Outside of the first look at Rami Malek as the film's villain, the trailer gifts fans with the first clips of Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch's female 007!

The nearly three-minute trailer starts off with Craig speeding away with his Spectre love interest Madeline Swan, played by French actress Léa Seydoux.

As she passionately asks, "Why would I betray you?" Craig gives the fiery response, "We all have our secrets. We just didn't get to yours yet." And then, he jumps off a bridge, you know, as any good Bond does.

Harry Potter alum Ralph Fiennes is then heard saying, "The world is arming faster than we can respond. Where is 007?" It then shows Craig in a tropical locale, seemingly retired. That respite doesn't appear to last very long, and before you know it, Bond is meeting his heir apparent in Lynch.

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"The world's moved on, Commander Bond," she says. As Craig responds, "You a 00?"

Lynch then reveals she's been at this spy game for years already. "Two years, so stay in your lane," she warns. "You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee. The one that works."

Things get even more threatening when Craig comes face to face with the imprisoned Spectre villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by Christoph Waltz. "You gave up everything for her," Waltz says ominously. "When her secret finds its way out, it'll be the death of you."

The trailer seems to hint that things could take a fatal turn for Craig's 007. This threat becomes all too real when Malek, appearing in a Phantom of the Opera-like porcelain mask, says the sinister line, "James Bond. License to kill. History of violence. I could be speaking to my own reflection, only your skills die with your body. Mine will survive long after I'm gone."

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Craig remains as heroic as ever as he responds, "History isn't kind to men who play God."

Only time will tell what fate has in store for Craig's Jame Bond, but one thing's for sure, No Time To Die will be quite the thrill.