Rihanna and ''Legend'' Paul McCartney Have the Cutest ''RihUnion'' on a Plane

Rihanna is giving us life with a video she posted on Instagram of her running into former Beatles' member Paul McCartney on a plane. What are the odds?!

By Pamela Avila Nov 30, 2019 6:19 PMTags
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They're Four Five Seconds from take-off... 

Sometimes you run into a former Beatles member in the most unexpected of places. In Rihanna's case, the designer and businesswoman ran into Paul McCartney on a flight. Last night, the "Don't Stop the Music" singer took to Instagram to post a series of videos on her story of her running into the one and only Mr. McCartney. 

It was a classic post-holiday reunion. 

"I'm about to put you on blast, Mr. McCartney," Rihanna can be heard saying while laughing, pointing her phone camera to the legend. "How are you on my flight?" 

"What's going on here? Who is this filming me?" McCartney playfully replies as she stands over Rihanna's seat. 

"Who is this peasant filming this legend?!" the "Love on the Brain" songstress jokingly replies. Like a true visionary, Rihanna also coined the hashtag #RihUnion to commemorate her run-in with the 77-year-old musician. 

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The two legends collaborated on "FourFiveSeconds" back in 2015 with Kanye West. The trio also hit the 2015 Grammys stage to perform the song. 

Earlier this month, McCartney opened up about what it was like working with the "Follow God" artist on several occasions over the years. 

"I had no idea what was going to happen," McCartney told Billboard during his cover story for their 125th Anniversary Issue. "I didn't want it to be at his house or my house, because it could be awkward if one of us wanted to leave. So we met on neutral ground—a cottage at the Beverly Hills Hotel—and I showed up with a guitar and my roadie, and we had a keyboard and a bass."

McCartney added: "So we were telling stories, and at one point I told him how 'Let It Be' came from a dream about my mother, who had died years before, where she said, 'Don't worry, just let it be.' "He said, 'I'm going to write a song about my mother,' so I sat down at this little Wurlitzer keyboard and started playing some chords, and he started singing. I thought, 'Oh, are we going to finish this?' but that was that. And it became 'Only One.'"

You might recall the two also collaborated on "Only One" before releasing "FourFiveSeconds" with Rihanna.