The Bachelor Alum Bekah Martinez Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

Bekah Martinez reveals the exciting and special news that she's pregnant with baby number two!

By Alyssa Morin Nov 28, 2019 8:25 PMTags
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There's a bun in the oven... and we're not talking about Thanksgiving turkey!

It's turning out to be an extra special holiday season for The Bachelor alum, Bekah Martinez. Why, you might ask? The 24-year-old reality TV personality shared the exciting news that she and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, are expecting their second child together.

On Thanksgiving day, Bekah took to Instagram to share the announcement with her followers. "Thankful," she captioned her post, alongside an adorable image of her with her husband and 9-month-old daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz Leonard.

"Let's just get into what you really came into this episode for," the reality TV personality began her latest podcast episode with co-host Jess Ambrose on Chatty Broads. "Yes, I'm pregnant again!"

"I was gonna do this whole thing of weaving it in, like, 'Thankful for life and thankful for love,'" she continued, with a huge smile on her face. "Whatever, this is a shameless plug for my second pregnancy."

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In the podcast episode, Bekah revealed she's towards the end of her first trimester. So far, she said, everything is going great the second time around.

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"June 18 guesstimate," she shared of her baby's possible due-date. "I'm having an uncomplicated, normal pregnancy so I think I'll be having a home-birth this time."

Earlier this year, Bekah welcomed her baby girl, however, she opened up about her pregnancy experience and revealed that it wasn't the easiest. Nearly a month after giving birth, she took to social media to give insight into motherhood and building a relationship with her beau.


"This man is wonderful. And handsome. And a great dad," Bekah captioned her post. "I love him so much, but there's so much you don't see that goes on behind the instagram scenes. I think it's easy to look at our photos together and think we transitioned seamlessly into a life with each other, and that couldn't be further from the truth."

"Getting unexpectedly pregnant only three months into a relationship isn't all fun and games," she continued. "Actually, it's mostly tears and arguments (or at least that was our experience). Don't get me wrong, I've never been happier than I am now. I couldn't think of a better person to be my partner or the father of my child, but dealing with the stress of an unplanned pregnancy with someone you barely know is ROUGH."

She added, "We skipped past the whole dating phase and haven't had much time to talk about things that aren't baby-related."

However, it appears things are better the second time around!