Paul Rudd Once Accidentally Flashed His "Testicles" To An Entire Audience

Paul Rudd shared a hilarious story during an appearance on The Late Show about the time he accidentally flashed a theater audience. Read all about the awkward moment below.

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Paul Rudd, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2019Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Paul Rudd didn't know how to live with himself when he accidentally flashed an audience.

During an appearance on Tuesday's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Living With Yourself star shared a story of the time he did an accidental nude scene on stage with Rachel Weisz.

Rudd and Stephen Colbert had been chatting about the star's lack of shirtless scenes in Ant-Man when the host asked, "Have you done full nude? Professionally?"

As the Friends alum responded, "One time, I was in a play. I know it doesn't count as a play. It was unintentional."

"I was laying down on a bed, and I was doing a scene with the lovely actress Rachel Weisz," he continued. "We were laying in bed and I was wearing boxer shorts, and all of a sudden, the audience started chuckling and I didn't know why. And I realized it was 'cause I had my leg up and I was totally hanging brain." Uh...oops.

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Having already talked about books in airport displays that he just can't stand to see, the star then explained, "Hanging brain—for those of you who are thinking about writing a book to go on display at the airport. Hanging brain is not so much the penis hanging out, but more of the testicles."

The more you know!

Cracking up, Colbert said back, "That's the brain part?" To which the Clueless star confirmed, "That's the brain."

Well, count that as an awkward moment for Weisz and that audience!

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