How Dove Cameron Really Feels About Having a Tattoo Dedicated to Her Ex

Dove Cameron talks about the meaning behind each and every tattoo she has, including one dedicated to her ex-boyfriend.

By Pamela Avila Nov 27, 2019 12:02 AMTags
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In an interview with Refinery29, 23-year-old actress Dove Cameron went in-depth about the tattoos she has and the significance that they each hold. While some were out of impulse (ah, to be young) and others were to commemorate milestones in her life or to honor her family. 

From zodiac sign symbols, animals, quotes and sayings, Cameron's tattoo's all hold a special place in her heart but one of those... is of her ex. 

The Descendants star tells the publication that her first tattoo—of the Capricorn zodiac sign—when she was only 14-years-old. "When people say I am 'turning bad,' I just remind them I got my first tattoo when I was 14.' My best friend made friends with this guy who had a tattoo gun. He told us he'd been practicing on oranges and was ready," she recalls. 

Fast forward four years, Cameron got a tattoo of her ex Ryan McCartan for her 18th birthday! 

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While she didn't get his name tattooed on herself or anything crazy, Cameron got her ex's zodiac sign too. 

"It's my ex Ryan McCartan's sign, and the exact mirror placement on my other hip from my first tattoo. Years later, after we broke up, I realized that my mom always thought it was because I played twins on Liv and Maddie. So I said, 'Well, fuck it, now it is!'"

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Talk about finding a silver lining. 

Getting a tattoo that represents who she's currently dating is something Cameron seems to be down with. Her third time getting inked up ended up being a matching tattoo with her current boyfriend Thomas Doherty. The two got matching sunshine symbols based on the lyric, "I know what the sunlight can be" from The Light in the Piazza

"Thomas and I weren't even dating yet, so it was very risqué to be getting a matching tattoo with this random guy, so good thing it worked out! We started dating a month later," Cameron told Refinery 29. "But he told me he loved me a week before that, so it was a very whirlwind thing... Actors — they're crazy!"