Jamie Lee Curtis Loves Using Her Kids As An Excuse To Cancel Plans

Jamie Lee Curtis and James Corden bonded over their love of using their kids as the perfect excuse to cancel plans. Watch the funny clip here!

By kelli boyle Nov 26, 2019 4:03 PMTags
Jamie Lee Curtis, The Late Late Show with James Corden 2019Terence Patrick/CBS

Jamie Lee Curtis loves using her get out of jail free card, also known as her kids.

During an appearance on Monday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Knives Out star joked with James Corden about how kids are such a great excuse to get out of literally any plans.

Speaking about her birthday on Nov. 22, which commonly falls on ThanksgivingCorden asked, "Did you do anything special this year? Were there any big plans?" To which the actress responded, "No, James. I'm old! I'm old, I'm married, our kids are gone."

Turns out, she and her husband Christopher Guest made some loose plans, but opted to Netflix and chill instead. As she said, "No, we canceled dinner. Chris had a little cold."

"I had just come back from New York," she added. "I was exhausted, and conveniently, Chris got a little cold. So, then I made some chicken soup and I think tried to watch The Crown and then we went to bed."

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It was her husband who gave the Halloween alum the perfect excuse to cancel her plans this time and not their kids, Annie Guest, 32, and Thomas Guest, 23, but Curtis thinks kids are the best way to get out of anything. Corden agrees.

As he relatably quipped, "My favorite dinner party is one that gets canceled an hour before I have to be there. It's glorious." Chimed in Curtis, "It's the reason to have children, because you can immediately blame it on them. You know, 'They have diarrhea,' and then right away, they don't want you to come. They really don't want you to come."

Then the host made his feelings about fatherhood clear. "It's worth having kids just for the lies," he joked. "That's absolutely the reason to do it."

As the 61-year-old responded, "It's the reason I did it."

That's when things took a turn for the hilarious. Corden—who shares three kidsMax, 8, Carey, 5, and Charlotte, 23 months, with wife Julia Carey—began acting out an example of an excuse one can give to get out of plans they're dreading.

"'We'd love to be there, but Max has got SARS,'" he joked. "'We'll still come! Do you still want us to come?'"

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As the host continued with his bit, "'I guess we'll sit this one out then!' And then you turn to Max and go, 'No, it got canceled, buddy. They canceled it. One of the kids there has got SARS.' It's perfect!"

Now, cancel your plans and check out the full video to find out why Curtis thinks her Thanksgiving birthday "gypped" her childhood.