There is no look Blake Lively can't pull off! 

The actress took to her Instagram to show off a hilarious video from almost two years ago when she was in the hospital healing from an injury on the set of her latest film The Rhythm Section. Things got a little rough during a stunt she was filming, and Blake ended up hurting her hand. However, the video her husband Ryan Reynolds took of her was absolutely hilarious

The couple is known for their hijinks together, and this video proves they are just as hilarious behind the scenes as they are on a red carpet together. "Literally 4 weeks after I said, 'I'd give my right hand to be in this movie!' (Good thing no one told me to 'break a leg')." she captioned the video. "My husband somehow knew 'Wild Thing' would be my version of smelling salts. I've never felt so seen. Or high. Also...I have zero recollection of this." 

Blake Lively


From the looks of her face and reaction, we definitely believe her. She credited her hilarious hubby as the mastermind behind the camera and as the "bedside DJ" on the post as well. 

Blake filmed the movie in 2017, but the release date is early 2020 and Blake is already getting ready to promote the film. The actress recently swiped her Instagram completely clear of all previous posts, except for the trailer for her film. She's gearing up for the release and promotional efforts via her social media platforms. 

As hilarious as this video is, this may be Blake's most intense role yet. According to the studio, she plays Stephanie Patrick—a woman who embarks on a "path of self-destruction" after learning that someone orchestrated the plane crash that killed her family members. As she enters a "dark, complex world," she seeks revenge on those responsible for her loved ones' deaths.

Hopefully there will be more hilarious content where this came from! 

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