Unpolished's Bria Reveals the Struggle She Had Accepting Her Fiancé's Kids

Exclusive: Unpolished's Bria has been with Matt for eight years (on and off), and he came back to her with kids at one point

By Chris Harnick Nov 22, 2019 7:00 PMTags

TLC introduced viewers to the Martone family in Unpolished, and in just one episode they were exposed to the family's big personalities, glittery clothes, Foxy Grandma and incredibly complicated dynamics.

In the premiere episode, Bria Martone aka Bria the Diva, got engaged to her on-and-off boyfriend Matt. You see, Matt has battled substance abuse, gone to rehab, cheated on Bria, and hasn't exactly been welcomed by Bria's sister Lexi Martone. But now at 22 and eight years into their complicated relationship, Matt put a ring on Bria's finger. However, Matt comes with an instant family. He's got two young sons.

"In the eight years that we've been dating and on-and-off, a lot has happened," Bria says in the exclusive sneak peek. About two years ago, the two broke up, Matt started seeing another woman and she got pregnant.

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"When I first found out that Matthew was having children, it was…tough," Bria says. "It was something that I had to think about and swallow…but at that point when I did find out, we weren't even speaking, me and him. So, it really didn't affect me as much as it affected me later. Then it really hit me, when we got back together and I was like, ‘Now I am going to be part of his life and part of these children's lives.'"

Bria says coming to terms that her boyfriend has kids with another woman was "hard" and definitely took time.

"At the end of the day, this is something I couldn't change," Bria says. And as soon as she met Matt's kids, she says it was an instant connection.

See her with them in the exclusive sneak peek above.

Unpolished airs Sundays, 10 p.m. on TLC.