Dax Shepard Cannot Wait To Spend Kristen Bell's Frozen 2 Paycheck

Dax Shepard is eager to promote wife Kristen Bell's Disney flick Frozen 2 thanks to the massive paycheck coming their way. Watch the hilarious interview here.

By kelli boyle Nov 21, 2019 1:35 PMTags

Dax Shepard is Frozen 2's biggest fan.

During an appearance on Wednesday's Conan, the actor talked up his wife Kristen Bell's latest animated adventure, starting things off by rolling a clip from the chilly sequel, out tomorrow. As host Conan O'Brien accurately pointed out, "You're not in Frozen 2." No, he most definitely is not, but allow Shepard to explain his fanfare.

As the Armchair Expert host shared, "Not technically, but Kristen and I were married in California, which is a community property state, which means anything she acquires during our marriage is half mine, so we have the exact same stake in Frozen 2." There it is.

"I just thought it'd be rude to not get out and at least try to sell the thing!" the star joked.

"I can tell you she had a really good time on the film. She loves the crew and the drawers, or whatever," Shepard said. Then he quipped, "It took them, like, three years to make, which I don't understand either, but I know how to spend that money when it comes in. I'll tell you that right now."

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If this chat with the late-night host proved anything, it's that the Bless This Mess star really knows how to sell a product.

The next item in his salesman bag of tricks was all of his Idina Menzel knowledge. As he exclaimed, "And Idina! Oh, let me tell you about her! Incredible. When she sings, it's like a Bruce Lee fight scene. The song just builds and builds and builds, and then just that knockout note she hits! I'm not saying that I had anything to do with that, but I will be very involved, again, in spending the proceeds."

Then the father of Delta and Lincoln gave his official review of the highly anticipated sequel. "I can say this: They Godfather 2'd it. It's better than the first one."

Sharing the story of his and Bell's first viewing of the flick, he said, "We saw it three weeks ago for the first time, and no one had seen it. So, it was all the actors in the movie, and the producers and the writers and everything. And I said before the movie started, 'Hey, if you see me on my phone in the middle of the film, I'm not bored. I just think we got it, and I'm shopping for yachts."

As he continued, "I said, 'Conversely, if I'm on my phone, like, two-thirds of the way through and I'm selling things on Craigslist, I think it's a stinker and I'm liquidating.'"

Don't worry, everyone. Shepard assured Frozen 2 is most definitely not a stinker. As he explained, "So, the movie ended and then the director really said in the screening, 'Dax, how did we do?' And I said, 'I bought a beautiful 52-foot Sunseeker.'"