A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Trailer Has Arrived

Netflix officially dropped the trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby and you're gonna want to grab some popcorn.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 20, 2019 5:17 PMTags

Third times a charm! 

A Christmas Prince is the gift that keeps on giving. In 2017, Netflix introduced the adorable Christmas film starring Ben Lamb and Rose McIver, and what seemed like a quaint little holiday flick, soon set the internet a buzz with joy and excitement. Last year they debuted A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding to equal excitement, so of course they are now following it up with a third installment—A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Now, the streaming platform has finally debuted the trailer for their third film and you're going to want to get some popcorn. We find our favorite royal couple, Queen Amber and King Richard, back in Aldovia during Christmastime. The couple is settling into married life with a child on the way, but it wouldn't be a holiday film if everything went just as planned. 

"I've been thinking, I want this baby to have a normal life," Queen Amber shares with her hubby while on a carriage ride through the snowy hills of Aldovia. "I went to public school, and I was riding the subway by myself when I was 10."

Although breaking tradition doesn't seem to be King Richard's best interest for his royal offspring, they'll find a way to make it work with love. "We'll find a new definition of normal together," he shared with his wife. "But no subway riding." 

If you thought breaking royal traditions and finding the perfect Christmas tree was going to be the worst of their problems, you're in for a major surprise. Before they can settle into their roles as new parents, they have to host King Tai, played by Kevin Shen and Queen Ming played by Momo Yeung of Penglia, to renew a 600-year-old sacred treaty. Before they get a chance, the treaty goes missing and if they don't find it there will be some major consequences. 

"The treaty is missing and if we don't find it our baby is cursed," Queen Amber shared. They've got their work cut out for them this holiday season.

If it's anything like the last two movies, it will absolutely be a royal affair!