Why Fans Believe the 2020 Grammy Nominations Have Leaked

The Recording Academy website may have inadvertently revealed which musicians will be nominated for the 2020 Grammy Awards

By Cydney Contreras Nov 19, 2019 9:01 PMTags
Alicia Keys, 2019 GrammysJaclyn Martinez/Courtesy of AK Worldwide, Inc.

Spoiler alert! The 2020 Grammy nominations might've been leaked.

On Wednesday, the Recording Academy is set to reveal the 2020 Grammy Awards nominees. It's a moment that's highly anticipated for many reasons, but today it seems there's been a slight damper on the occasion. Why is this, some may ask? Well, it's because people think the nominees have already been revealed. 

Early Tuesday, fans noticed the Recording Academy website had changed many artists' number of nominations. For exampleAriana Grande's page showed that she has 11 nominations, but as of the 2019 Grammy Awards she only had six. 

While this could be explained away by mere technical errors, it couldn't explain how Billie Eilish, who has never been nominated before, now has six nominations. 

By the end of Tuesday afternoon, these increases in nominations were no longer present on the website.

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However, E! News has learned The Recording Academy was testing the website and there were technical issues on the back end. They look forward to celebrating the nominations tomorrow morning.

Some will recall that similar drama took place ahead of last year's show, when a fake winners list began to circulate on the internet. Ultimately, that list ended up being incorrect about the awards, as the Recording Academy warned it was. 

So, if history teaches us anything, then it's to not trust everything you see on the internet! Luckily, fans won't have to wait long since the official nominees will be announced on Wednesday. 

To see who will be named as a nominee for the 62nd Grammy Awards, check back here tomorrow afternoon!