Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Cleaning Baby Chicks' Butts Is Farm Life at Its Funniest

By Alyssa Ray Nov 21, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari Bond Over Cleaning Baby Chicks' Butts

Gettin' their hands dirty!

In this sneak peek from season three of Very Cavallari (returning Thursday, Jan. 9), Kristin Cavallari is hilariously tasked with helping Jay Cutler clean the bottoms of their chicks. At first, the Uncommon James mogul refuses to help, claiming she doesn't "partake in that."

"I'll let you clean their butts," the mother of three retorts in the clip above.

"Well, you can just look and see if any of them need it," the retired football star instructs his wife.

Since the innocent poultry would die without assistance, it doesn't take long for Cavallari to jump in and help. Still, it isn't exactly what the lifestyle mogul had in mind when she signed on for farm life.

"Living out on a farm, I've learned quite a few things," the Very Cavallari star states in a confessional. "One of those is that, baby chicks, you have to clean their butts by picking off any poop that gets stuck on their butts. Because, if they can't poop, they'll die."

Jay Cutler: From Football to Farm Life

During the inspection, the Laguna Beach alum realizes that one chick has feces stuck on its bottom. Out of fear that she'll hurt the little bird, Cavallari has her husband remove the particle of poop.

"Oh, Jay! It hurt him," the former MTV star exclaims during the removal.

"Well, now the poop can come out," the now retired quarterback defends. "It probably hurts more to keep that stuff in there."

And it seems that the Cavallari-Cutlers will be doing this for some time as their farm has 44 chickens and eight ducks.

"We're like a real farm," Cavallari quips in response to learning the number.


In fact, it appears the farm will soon get another addition, a cat to replace their late feline Lucky. Apparently, a farm cat is essential to keeping snakes away.

"I'd rather have a chicken-killing cat than snakes," the Little James boss demands.

Since the twosome's children run around the yard without shoes on, it's crucial to keep the snakes at bay. Thus, the duo agree to get two "black and tan" cats.

"Their parents need to be trained killers. Snake fighters. Mice killers. But, a warm affectionate side," Cutler resolves.

Will the Very Cavallari stars find the snake-killing cat of their dreams? For that answer, be sure to catch Season 3 of Very Cavallari when it returns.