No, Camila Morrone’s Instagram Posts Are Not Always About Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone is dating Leonardo DiCaprio, but she wants you to know she has a lot more going for her.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 19, 2019 7:47 PMTags
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She's done with the hate.

Camila Morrone is a model and actress, who also happens to be dating one of the most famous actors of this generation, Leonardo DiCaprio. In a new in-depth profile with Vulture, the model turned actress is finally addressing the hate and talking about why she decided to speak up for herself. 

While both Leo and Camila are pretty private about their relationship, in July, she decided to clapback on a video posted to he Instagram story. "Good morning people and happy Friday," she said in the Instagram Story video. "I just read some of the comments on my Instagram God, people are so mean and full of anger with people that they know nothing about."

Although she didn't directly address the anger in relation to her relationship, but it's pretty clear she wanted to negativity to stop. "I guess I just hope on this Friday that people learn to live with a little less hatred and place their time and interests elsewhere, because living without hatred feels pretty good," she closed out the short statement. 

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Turns out, she did that whole speech on a whim after uncharacteristically choosing to go through her comments on Instagram. "I didn't even think about it beforehand," she shared with the publication. "I probably should have. [Laughs.] I'm kind of impulsive in that way. I just woke up one morning and happened to look through my comments, which I never do because I never feel good after I do."

Pre-planned or not, speaking from the heart was a great way to get her firm message across. "I was just thinking about it and I said what I was thinking: There's so much hate on the internet and it's so unnecessary," she continued. "I know it won't change anything. Negative comments don't stop because you address them. I felt like being like, 'You guys suck! This sucks. You guys are really mean.'" 

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Famous or not, being attacked online is miserable for everyone. Although Camila shared she's happy with the outcome, don't expect her to talk about her relationship a second time. 

"I probably won't address it again," she revealed. "Because then you open floodgates for people to judge you. I've learned more and more to just protect myself and avoid things that'll hurt my feelings."