Brie Bella Considers Pausing Baby No. 2 Plans for a WWE Comeback: "I'd Do Anything to Get in That Ring!"

By Alyssa Ray Nov 20, 2019 4:00 AMTags
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You never really leave the WWE.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella realized just that during Tuesday night's all-new Total Divas. In their latest guest appearance, the Bella Twins contemplated coming out of retirement as some of their female peers began preparing for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania 35.

Since the twin wrestlers had always hoped to become tag team champions, they couldn't help but consider a return to the ring.

"I feel like, our whole career, you and I always wanted the tag titles," Brie noted at the start of the episode.

"I would love to be, at least once in my life, a tag team champion with you," Nikki said in support.

Although Daniel Bryan's wife and Artem Chigvintsev's lady were in agreement, Brie highlighted that they both just publicly retired. This factor didn't bother Nikki, who suggested that they make it "a part of the story."

As E! fans surely know, both Nikki and Brie officially hung up their gear during season four of Total Bellas.

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"The world wants it," the Dancing With the Stars veteran added.

Thus, it wasn't surprising when Nikki revealed to Brie that she had reached out WWE to arrange a two pay-per-view storyline. Per the pitch, the Bella Twins would face off against the WrestleMania tag team victors.

"They just really want us to help make the tag team championships mean something," Nikki relayed to her twin over a meal.

Yet, Brie was hesitant to sign off on a comeback as she promised her husband (whose real name is Bryan Danielson) that they'd try for baby number two.

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"Retirement in the WWE means you have a great story when you come out of it," Nikki expressed in an attempt to sway her sister.

Even though Brie was "into it," she refused to give an answer without speaking to Bryan first.

"I also have to think about Bryan, because I have been trying for a baby. My husband is super excited," the mother of one explained. "So, if he says no because of trying for baby number two, I'm gonna respect that."

Not to mention, as Brie briefly thought she was pregnant earlier in the episode, she had to be cautious about rushing into anything.

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"Nikki and I always talk about, 'Oh! It'd be fun to make a comeback,'" Brie admitted to the Total Divas camera. "But, I kind of get anxiety when I think about if a comeback was really real for me. Like, how would I balance it all?"

Despite the doubt, Birdie Danielson's mom revealed she'd "do anything to get in that ring."

So, will the Bella Twins really return to the ring? For that answer, be sure to tune in to the remaining season 9 episodes of Total Divas.

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