Cardi B's Vogue 73 Questions Has the Most Adorable Co-Star

Cardi B takes Vogue inside her grandmother's home and has an appearance from a cute visitor.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 19, 2019 6:45 PMTags
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Back to the Bronx! 

For Cardi B's first Vogue 73 Questions interview, the star took the magazine inside her grandmother's humble abode in New York. The musical sensation was right in her element, and accompanied by her adorable sleeping daughter Kulture. The rapper spoke at length about her life, career and political stances, while slowly rocking her baby girl to sleep. 

First, Cardi opened up about why she wanted to do the interview in her grandmother's home in the first place. "It's always packed with family," she shared. She also loves that it gets her away from "the chaos of life and work." Cardi is known for many things, but above all, it's her incredible work ethic that has seen her through many life changes in the last season. 

She has Kulture to thank for the extra motivation. "In order for me to spoil my child for the rest of my life, I have to have money and make money for the rest of my life," she shared about her drive to be even more successful in the industry and beyond. 

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Cardi also shifted the focus from her career to talk about her love life with husband and fellow musician Offset. Of course, it wouldn't be a Cardi interview without getting a little NSFW. The mom shared that she loves her husband so much, she could "lick him up and down all day." 

When it comes to specifically what she loves so much, she showed a bit of her softer side. "I always feel like I know everything, and he taught me that I don't," she shared in regards to what married life has taught her. She also did a quick FaceTime call with her hubby during the interview while he was out and about. 

Cardi also dished on her support for Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, and expressed what she hopes her legacy will be, "the girl-next-door who made it."

Check out the full video above.