Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are doing just fine, thanks!

The "Never Really Over" singer gave fans a glimpse into life with her fiancé in an adorable Instagram post on Tuesday. The photo was a screenshot of the couple's FaceTime call. In the sweet shot, each of the two stars are seen snuggling up to their nearly identical pet poodles and gazing at each other through the screen. To make it even better, Perry's engagement ring is in full sight.

For her caption, the star shared a hopeful message. As the American Idol judge wrote, "Together our initials are O.K. and that's what it's gonna be."

Based on her caption, it seems as if the couple could be struggling with something. It could be distance, given they're on a FaceTime call. But if they have made one thing clear since getting back together in 2017, it's that they are committed to evolving through all of life's highs and lows as a united front.

In August, the Carnival Row star said in an interview with Willie Geist for NBC's Sunday Today that he and Perry are all about being on the same emotional page.

"It's important to me that we are aligned," he explained. "I've been married and divorced and I don't want do it again... and we're both fully aware of that. She's remarkable and so I'm always so impressed with that and I'm encouraged."

Part of that emotional honesty, Bloom noted, includes learning how to make changes that are best for your relationship. As he explained, "I'm still trying to get her to wrestle into the small moments. The cool thing about what we're doing, we're learning to do the small together. I think we're both fully aware that it's a mountain to climb and that that mountain won't stop, in terms of a relationship because I think that's what it is and I love to evolve and fortunately, she does too."

Indeed, she does. In June, Perry echoed Bloom's emotional intelligence sentiment during an appearance on KISS Breakfast With Tom & Daisy. As she revealed, "[We're] definitely trying to, like, lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is, like, a big deal, you know?"

It is! And clearly, based on this FaceTime, they're still admirably working on laying that foundation. We stan a self-aware couple.

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