Why Paris Hilton Thinks A Simple Life Reboot Isn't So Hot

Paris Hilton shared her thoughts on a Simple Life reboot in the near future.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 18, 2019 7:53 PMTags
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The early '00s were a far simpler time...

Back before Bachelor Nation ruled the reality TV game or Sofia Richie was the most famous Richie daughter, there was Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's popular show The Simple Life. For those of you not blessed enough to remember the iconic show, Paris and Nicole—heiresses and former celebrity besties—took on the tasks and challenges of the modern girl. 

Today, in the crowded TV landscape where reunions and reboots are becoming more popular than original shows, don't hold your breath for a return of everyone's favorite blondes. Beyond the socialites crazy schedule, Paris revealed she's far from interested in returning to the show that made her even more famous alongside her best friend. "I think that show is so, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic and so...I don't know if it could ever be remade," she told Too Fab

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That doesn't mean she didn't enjoy herself. "It's a different time right now," she shared. "Nicole [Richie] and I back then, yes of course it was fun doing that and me playing that character, we had the best time with my best friend on road trips all around the world and doing jobs we would never do in our lives and had the best time doing it, but now I'm like a serious business woman," she explained. 

Never say never! Because she revealed there is a version of the show that she might be interested in doing. "I think if I was doing that, I couldn't play that dumb character anymore," she shared. "Maybe like The Simple Life: Boss Babes."

That might be a reboot worth doing. Here's to hoping 2020 brings more Simple Life