90 Day Fiancé Relationships Are Tested by Thrift Stores, Kids and Money

90 Day Fiancé's Robert and Anny are off to a rocky starts

By Chris Harnick Nov 18, 2019 2:57 PMTags

The slow march down the aisle continued for the couples at the center of 90 Day Fiancé season seven. And for some, the early days of the K-1 visa weren't so great. Take Robert and Anny.

Following their first night—Robert and his son young son Bryson share a bad, so Anny and Robert got to know each other more intimately in the living room—Anny asked Robert to take her to buy some clothes. She said she left many of her belongings behind so her sister could sell them and support their family. But when Robert took her to a consignment/secondhand store, Anny was not happy. At all.

"Rags," she said. "A lot of ugly rags." Anny thought Robert would take her to buy Chanel and Versace. "That's f—ked up," she said about where he took her instead.

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The two began to bicker in the store while the shop worker stood there watching them argue about "used clothes." It was, of course, very awkward.

Robert said Anny hurt him by acting like that in the thrift store.

Later in the night, he took her to dinner where the two's differing views on the wedding came to light. Anny said she wants a big wedding in Miami. She said she wanted a restaurant style menu. Robert said he wanted a courthouse ceremony with a buffet. So, she decided not to eat dinner because she was still mad about the store and now the wedding.

"I want to go home and sleep," she said. "Far away from you."

Robert called her ungrateful and selfish, but back home they decided to stop fighting after he gave her the lingerie he bought her as a surprise before she arrived. It's the little things?


Mike and Natalie
Viewers met the 6-foot-seven-inch Mike, a man from Washington who loves being the center of attention, he said. He owns his family's land and lives with his uncle. After a failed marriage—she left him for another woman—Mike was unsure about love again, but after his friend Matt married a woman from the Ukraine, Matt and his wife played matchmaker with Mike and Natalie. After all, they're the godparents of Mike's child. But Mike and Natalie are very different. She's vegetarian, he loves meat. She's religious, he's not. She wants kids immediately, he doesn't. Yet on their second time being together in person, Mike proposed. After her visa was delayed, Mike decided he'll add a little bit more to his secret debt (he's afraid she'll leave him when he comes clean about it) and go to the Ukraine to be with her.

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Anna and Mursel (and their iPhone translator app)
In Nebraska, Anna continued to deal with the fallout from her dinner with Mursel and her mom where her son Geno heard that Mursel was keeping all of Anna's kids a secret from his family. Mursel said he'd tell his parents about the kids on their deathbeds. Anna said it's not fair to her or her kids to keep them a secret. But if his family finds out, they'll tell him to leave her. Can he really give up his family for a woman he met over the internet? And all of the communication was done via an iPhone translator app.

Michael and Juliana
Despite the questioning about whether or not Juliana was an escort, she got her visa and made her way to America. To celebrate, Michael got a Hummer limo, flowers, and champagne from her birth year, 1996. Then this exchange happened once he picked her up from the airport: "We could shoot a limousine porno," he said. "Shut up," she said. "No? Limo porn?" Michael asked.

Once out of the limo, Juliana met Michael's children, Max and CeCe. They made brunch for them to eat as family. The kids seemed to be OK with Juliana so far..

Emily and Sasha
In Russia, Emily went through 10 hours of labor before discovering she needed an emergency c-section. But it was successful, and mother and son are doing great.

Tania and Syngin
The Honeymoon stage seemed to be wrapping up rather quickly for Tania and Syngin. Once Tania's friends left, the couple finally had some alone time. And then they started arguing over having a kids. She wants one. He's not into it. She told him she's having kids with or without him, and she already changed her life plans to accommodate his arrival into her world. "It's almost like you wrote the story and I'm just the character in it," Syngin said.

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