Watch: Chrissy Teigen on Luna Making Her Iconic Meme Face

There can only be one queen of Twitter, and that title belongs to Chrissy Teigen.

The model, cookbook author and funniest person on the Internet is turning 34 today and what better way to celebrate her birthday than revisiting her greatest tweets from the last year?

Whether it's joking about parenting, going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump or poking fun at her husband, John Legend, Teigen's hilarious feed is essential to follow. Her humor is also part of why Teigen was one of the judge's on this year's comedy competition show Bring The Funny

The last 365 days have been full of big moments for the mom on the app, from getting #PresidentP***yAssBitch to trend after the President called her a "filthy mouthed wife," her excitement over her husband being named People's Sexiest Man Alive and hitting back at the haters.

We hope the woman whose bio currently reads "currently sleeping with people's sexiest man alive" has an amazing day...and tweets about it, too!

Chrissy Teigen's Best Clapbacks

Here are just some of Teigen's funniest tweets from the last year.

On Fast Food

Chrissy, she's just like us. "I just reheated an egg roll from Jack in the Box, 30 hours old and despite the slightly off rubberiness, it was so incredibly flavorful," Chrissy admitted. "I just ordered 3 more." 

On Watching Love Island

County Chrissy as a fan of reality TV. "Love Island question: is a scaffolder someone in construction generally or someone in purely the construction of scaffolding? Also why are all your scaffolders young perfect Ken dolls," she shared online. "Love Island has evolved so much since the early days. No more chain smoking or drunken cries. Or sex! They seem much more aware that they are, indeed, on tv." 

On Pop Culture's Hot Topics

"Gigi Hadid is pregnant and Gigi from Shahs had her baby today!!! it is a big day for gigis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all Gigis!!!!" Chrissy shared on Twitter further proving she is one of us. 

On Luna's Potty Mouth

Kids say the funniest things and Teigen tweeted in November that, "I just tried to have a talk with Luna and said 'hey. I just want you to know that you're a really awesome daughter. I'm so lucky' and she said 'what if my name was poo poo pee pee.'"

On Her "Giant Cans"

After a user tweeted at Teigen that she should "stick to being hot with giant cans," the model responded, "I know you're trying to be mean but I really needed this today so thank u."

On Halloween

"I have never seen a longer Halloween in my life," the cookbook author pointed out in October, following multiple weekends of costumes appearing all over our timelines.

On Getting Cozy

"now hiring: someone to lift my weighted blanket onto my body," the Bring the Funny judge joked on her account in October.

On Family Vacations

After the DailyMail posted a scathing headline in September reading "Chrissy Teigen locks herself in a room to get some 'peace' from her crying children while on a family vacation with John Legend," Teigen screenshot the headline and simply added, "hell yeah."

On Joking About Marriage

Teigen's teasing of her husband is part of why we love following the star on social, including like the time when she tweeted, "lol John just threw an entire suitcase in the car and said he was going to the studio. he's for sure leaving us."

On Luna's Sassiness

Teigen's feed is always full of fun parenting moments, like when her daughter sassed her at school.

The mom shared in September, "I was *1* minute late picking luna up from school. she was all sweet in her classroom then as soon as we were alone, I buckled her in she said 'so why? why were you late?'"

On Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid's enviable style has lots of fans, including Teigen who tweeted in June, "me online shopping: "this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid""this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid" "this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid" "this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid" "this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid" "this would be SO cute on Bella Hadid" "this would be SO cute on B"

On Four Weddings

Just like us, Teigen loves to unwind with some mindless reality TV, like when she tweeted in June, "Just watched a Four Weddings where the couple got scored low because a girl could "hear their vows" and thought it should have been more private. I love this petty mess of a show."

On Her GIF Face

Everyone loves sending Teigen's iconic 2015 Golden Globes reaction shot as a GIF to friends, but it's even cuter when Teigen's daughter recreated it!

While visiting Legend at The Voice in May, Luna seemed to mimic her mama's iconic cringe face, causing Teigen to tweet it out alongside, "omg me" and seeing her fans create plenty of spin-off versions of the meme.

On Luna's Pet Hamster

Anyone following Teigen's feed knows it's full of funny drama around Peanut Butter, the hamster she got for her daughter. The model has hilariously documented its adventures, such as escaping its cage and finding it again, and expressing her concerns as a hamster mom.

In April, she tweeted, "the hamster has finally figured out her wheel. is it possible for her to exercise too much? should I take the wheel out sometimes? I'm worried she's about to start a fitness instagram."

I mean, we WOULD follow an Instagram all about Peanut Butter!

On Teen Jeopardy

The swimsuit model made us laugh in late March when she joked, "Oh my god I just deeeestroyed Teen Jeopardy. My ego is high now don't talk to me unless you know about george washington."

We also feel like Mensa members when we crush those answers, even if we learned them back in middle school!

On Group Pics

The selfie queen had a great proposal in March when she suggested, "what if we did a yearly world group photo, shot from space. we all just go outside and look up. a few angles, of course."

Um, a group photo with Teigen? Count us in!

On Some Ideas for The Voice

"How funny would The Voice be if everyone were facing forward at the start and then turned around when they didn't like it," Teigen jokingly asked her followers in March.