Lebanese Pop Star Sammy Hopes the Botched Doctors Can Fix His Baklava-Looking Nose

By Alyssa Ray Nov 18, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Lebanese Pop Star Wants 5th Nose Job to Fix "Botched" Nostrils

Lebanese pop star Sammy just wants his "nose back."

In this clip from Monday's all-new Botched, Sammy details how he ended up with a "baklava"-looking nose.

"It's a short nose. I don't have a bridge," Sammy laments in a confessional. "The nostrils are very small, it's not aesthetically pleasing."

So, how did Sammy end up with such a nose? Per the new patient, during an accident at 25 years old, he smashed his face into a wall in Lebanon.

At the time, Sammy's doctor suggested he reshape the pop star's nose by breaking it and by using a foreign material, called Gore-Tex. Initially, as Sammy tells the Botched camera, he was happy with his new nose.

Yet, when hair began growing out of his reconstructed nose, Sammy chose to wax the unwanted hairs. Surprisingly, this simple waxing led to painful and messy results.

"I went to the beautician, she actually like pulls the wax out. It was beyond painful," Sammy adds later on. "Days later, I started seeing something protruding out of my nose. It was the Gore-Tex."

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To make matters worse, the area became infected, requiring Sammy to undergo a second rhinoplasty. Understandably, Sammy says he felt "horrified" as he "looked deformed."

Sadly, the second procedure didn't rectify the situation. In fact, since Sammy's nose "got worse and worse and worse," he admits to undergoing four corrective surgeries total.

"In 2008, I decided to see a doctor to have my fifth rhinoplasty and he couldn't do anything," the musician shares with the Botched camera.

Thus, the singer has turned to the Botched doctors for help, as they're his only hope.

Will doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow be able to help Sammy? For that answer, be sure to watch tonight's all-new episode!

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