Only Maren Morris Could Make a Song About Jimmy Kimmel’s Wikipedia An Instant Hit

Ahead of the 2019 CMA Awards, Maren Morris stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to serenade Jimmy Kimmel with a song for his 52nd birthday. Watch the hilarious Wikipedia-inspired moment below.

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Birthday celebrations were in order on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Host Jimmy Kimmel turned 52 on Nov. 13, and to help him commemorate the special occasion, country star Maren Morris performed a song she wrote just for him! Naturally, she slayed the performance, but the song itself was, er, well, let's just say the lyrics sounded a bit familiar.

Morris started the song off with, "James Christian Kimmel, born Nov. 13 1967, is an American television host and producer!"

Sitting on the floor and wearing a birthday hat, it didn't take long for the host to start questioning where these lyrics were coming from. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but the song sounds kind of..." he said, before the "Girl" singer interjected, "Awesome?"

"Uh, yeah," the skeptical Kimmel responded. "But also though, it a little bit sounds like you're just reading my Wikipedia page."

The hilarious birthday tribute aired the same night Morris attended the 2019 CMA Awards in Nashville, so naturally, the segment was filmed before Kimmel's actual birthday. (That explains why her hair is blonde instead of her current brunette look.)

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After the 29-year-old denied Kimmel's accusation, she continued to sing. The next lyrics, however, hilariously gave her away as she chanted, "Early life and family!"

"The Middle" singer then continued to roll off facts about the birthday boy's family. "Kimmel's mother is of Italian ancestry," she crooned. "See reference!"

And that's where the jig was up. "Hold on one second, please," Kimmel quipped. "That's definitely from Wikipedia! You even said 'see reference.' That's a Wikipedia thing!"

Caught red-handed, she finally came clean. "Okay, fine, it is," Morris admitted. "All right. I had a really busy week, and I didn't have time to write you a special little birthday song, so I went on Wikipedia." It's okay, girl! This song still slays. Even when you continued to sing about former President Jimmy Carter instead of Kimmel, it still was a 10/10.

Later, on the CMAs red carpet, the pregnant star—donning a stunning baby blue ensemble—told E! News her look was an homage to her and husband Andrew Hurd's son, expected to arrive in early 2020. As she explained, "I wore blue for boy. So, that's the theme."

Victory was also the theme of the night! Morris ended up winning the coveted Album of the Year award at the ceremony, which she dedicated to her late producer, Busbee.