Somebody Finally Remembers Who Hope Is in Legacies Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Legacies is finally letting someone remember who Hope Mikaelson is, and we've got a first look at the joyful-ish reunion

By Lauren Piester Nov 14, 2019 5:00 PMTags


After four episodes of Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) operating basically on her own in a world where no one remembers she even exists, she's finally got herself an ally in the form of one Lizzie Saltzman, and we've got your first look at their "reunion." 

"Hope Andrea Mikaelson!" Lizzie says to a shocked hope. "It's official. I remember everything. When I woke up from that spell Josie blasted me with, you popped into my messed up brain like an acid flashback." 

Hope's pretty psyched and goes in for a hug, but Lizzie's got bigger fish to fry in the form of Landon and Josie, who apparently have a big night planned. 

Watch the clip above!

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Now, we can't tell you what all happens in this episode, but Hope and Lizzie eventually find themselves in the '80s...sort of. But for now what's important is that Lizzie knows who Hope is! And now they've gotta stop Josie and Landon from having sex after the decade dance!

Hope's been "erased" since the end of last season, when she took a dive into the Malivore pit, the entity that basically erases monsters from public consciousness. Her dive dried up the pit, but didn't defeat Malivore, and so the monsters are still showing up. 

In her absence, Landon and Josie got together, Lizzie's been "hallucinating" a guy, and Alaric had to find a new job as a high school principal, and everything's sort of a mess. 

Hopefully Lizzie's just the first step and soon Hope's back in everybody's brains like an acid flashback, because we can't take much more of this heartbreak. 

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.