Nick Viall Slams Rumors He's Dating Demi Burnett

Nick Viall is finally addressing those romance rumors about him and Demi Burnett.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 13, 2019 5:13 PMTags
Nick Viall, Demi BurnettGetty Images

Nothing to see here! 

Since his time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Nick Viall has had to fight of numerous rumors of rendezvous with the special ladies in his life. On Wednesday, the reality TV star opened up on his podcast Viall Files about a recent anonymous post made on Reddit about his friendship with Bachelor In Paradise star Demi Burnett

"I've been violated," Nick opened the discussion. "We've talked about Reddit before on the show. I've tried not to go on. I haven't been on it in some time...But I do have friends and an occasional fan who reads and they brought it to my attention that I now live with someone in my intimate building—it's a building in Venice and there are six units—and I live with someone whose been spying on me." 

He goes on to address an anonymous post claiming that he and Demi were far more than friends, and while it's true she's been to his place. Anything romantic couldn't be further from the truth. "Demi is a close friend, a dear friend," he shared. "We've become close and I care very much about her." 

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Plus, he didn't deny that he and Demi have spent time at each other's homes, but says it is nothing more than platonic pals shooting the breeze. "Demi has in fact been to my place," he shared. "As sometimes friends do go to each other's places." 

As for the anonymous Reddit user who made the post? Nick thinks he has an idea of the woman in his building who it might be, and unfortunately for her, he's not going to stop until he can get to the bottom of it. "If you're 'Venice Lurker' please stop spying on me and invading my privacy," he asked in a plea to the anonymous poster. 

Nick and Demi may not be an item, but Nick at least has a new object of his attention