People’s Sexiest Men John Legend and Blake Shelton Are Now Singing About Their Sexiness

John Legend was named People's Sexiest Man Alive! And now, with some help from the former winner Blake Shelton, he's singing about it! Check out their hilarious video below.

By kelli boyle Nov 13, 2019 2:15 PMTags

It seems as though being a coach on The Voice is a prerequisite for being the sexiest man alive!

On Tuesday, John Legend was announced as People's Sexiest Man Alive 2019—an accolade Blake Shelton was awarded in 2017 (albeit to some controversy) and their former co-star Adam Levine back in 2013. To commemorate the steamy honor, Legend and Shelton co-hosted another IGTV episode of "Trailer Talk with John Legend" on set of the singing competition to discuss their crowning achievements. 

"My guest today is a good friend of mine," the "All Of Me" crooner shared. "He's already been on this show a couple times already. In fact, you could say he's our most frequent visitor. Why is that? Because his trailer's right next door. Folks, he knows a lot about trailers. Give it up for Blake Shelton!"

Gwen Stefani's love then sauntered on and began to shower his fellow sexy friend with praise.

"I was looking, and your face really is chiseled," Shelton gushed. "Chiseled jawline. And I like when you laugh, you can see your Adam's apple moves..and it's very sexy!" 

Please, don't make him blush!

Shelton then revealed what Legend can expect now that he's the hottest guy around. Speaking of his own life post-sexy title, the country star joked, "I could fly. Not, like, a long way, but if you run and jump, you can jump a lot farther than you could before. It's like superpowers."

Another superpower? As he revealed, "Erections lasted longer."

Remaining as wholesome as ever, Legend quipped back, "It's a family show. Family show, folks" before giving some sage advice to viewers. "They last longer," he said. "And if they last too long, you call your doctor."

Things got introspective when the two coaches theorized how they both won the title of Sexiest Man Alive. For his part, Shelton thinks Stefani elevated his hotness. "They were like, 'Really? She's dating him?' I guess he must be sexy!'" the "Boys 'Round Here" singer joked.

Legend felt the same way. "That's what I think happened to me," he said. "When you're with the right partner, it makes you look sexier by connection."

But he wasn't crediting his wife Chrissy Teigen. "I got to sit next to you on The Voice this year, and now, I'm the sexiest man alive!" Legend teased. "So, I think you must've rubbed off on me!"

In total agreement, the pair began performing Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" together. An obvious choice for America's best looking duo. 

To close things out, Luna and Miles' dad quipped, "Folks, it's John Legend and Blake Shelton. We're too sexy for The Voice."