Anna Faris Seemingly Confirms Her Engagement to Michael Barrett

Actress Anna Faris stepped out with Michael Barrett amid engagement rumors. See how she reacted to the congratulatory messages!

By Jess Cohen Nov 11, 2019 7:08 PMTags
Watch: Anna Faris Isn't Ready for the Big Day With Michael Barret Just Yet

Anna Faris might've just confirmed those engagement rumors, but she's not ready for the "big day" just yet.

Earlier this month, the Mom actress was spotted wearing a large diamond ring on her left hand, sparking speculation that she's set to tie the knot with her cinematographer beau, Michael Barrett. While Faris was initially mum on the engagement rumors, it seems she changed her mind over the weekend.

After spotting the couple in Los Angeles, photographers asked, "How are you guys?"

"We're wonderful," Faris replied as she posed for pictures with Barrett.

"Congratulations," the photographers said to the couple.

"Thank you," Faris replied, adding that "no" they're not quite ready for the "big day."

This engagement news comes about two years after Faris and Barrett, who worked on the movie Overboard together, began their romance. The pair started dating around Oct. 2017, two months after Faris announced her separation from Chris Pratt.

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Since that time, Faris and Barrett have been seemingly inseparable, even enjoying romantic vacations overseas.

On a new episode of her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the 42-year-old star opened up about her relationship with Barrett, while also reflecting on her divorce from Pratt and her previous divorce from first husband Ben Indra.

"This is a tricky area for me because I've gone through two divorces now," Faris said of the relationship theme of the podcast episode. "I'm in an amazing relationship, I do want to talk to everybody about these things, that I don't really know much about. But I also feel that I want to protect things in a way that I hadn't considered before."


Faris went on to say that it's "difficult" for her because she wants her listeners to "know who I am."

"I want to be honest and up front," she continued. "But it also feels like, am I letting too much scrutiny [in]?"

"I do think that I owe my listeners, because I attempt to give advice that's usually not great or whatever, so I owe them my honesty if they're being honest with me," Faris added. "But that's been a trickier territory for me, and I'm still kind of figuring out all of that."