Hannah Brown Says She's Still Getting Used to Being Recognized In Bathrooms at the People's Choice Awards

By Lauren Piester Nov 11, 2019 1:29 AMTags
Watch: Hannah Brown Talks Adjusting to Fame at 2019 People's Choice Awards

Hannah Brown's life has changed beyond recognition in the past year, after her incredibly popular season of The Bachelorette

Not only did she find herself on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards talking to E!'s Jason Kennedy, she now has random people recognizing her everywhere, including public restrooms. 

"It's so weird. I don't know if I have adjusted to it yet...but it's been an honor that people are so supportive of everything that I have been through and doing right now but it's really weird that these people yell my name and I don't know who they are," she told Kennedy. "My absolute favorite thing that people say is...I'l be in the bathroom, the public bathroom, and somebody will be like, hey, I thought I knew you, but I do know you!" 

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Most of these random people don't actually know Hannah personally, but she says they're not all that far off. 

"You kind of do know me, because everything that I've shown on TV has not been fabricated or me trying to adjust myself, and so they do know me, and I love when I hear that." 

She would appreciate it, however, if those fans could pick their moment better in the bathroom. 

"Maybe not crawl under the stall or knock on it, but after that when we're washing hands, that's a good time." 

Currently Hannah is on Dancing With the Stars, and it's become a full-time job for her. 

"It's so important to me that I'm doing my absolute best, and I want to be there 'til the end," she says. "So then it's not just physically taxing, it's an emotionally taxing thing that we're going through, and nobody understands, I think, the caliber of pressure that you can kind of be under. Not just because of everybody watching, but because of how bad you want to get to the end when you've invested so much into it." 

You can see Hannah dance every Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC, and tonight you can find out if she wins the Competition Star of 2019.