Lizzo’s Surprise Message to Viral 2nd Graders Will Make You Hopeful for the Future

Lizzo surprised a teacher and her 2nd grade class after they went viral for remixing her song "Truth Hurts." Watch the singer's special Good Morning America shout-out here.

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We're feeling good as hell after watching this!

Recently, California teacher DorothyHoney Mallari and her 2nd graders went viral for their adorable and heartwarming remix of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts."

"Let's be great, 'cause I know we are great," the class from Los Medanos Elementary School belt out. "Whoo! I just took an ELA test, turns out I'm 100 percent that smart."

Later, they rave about being a hard worker and spreading kindness. "Yeah, I got math problems that's the student in me," they sing. "Buzz, buzz then I solve them, that's the worker in me. You want to have a good friend, who's committed. Help you with your homework, just a little."

Naturally, their sweet lyrics even caught the attention of Lizzo herself. While Mallari and her students were being interviewed on Friday's Good Morning America, the rapper popped in to surprise them with a sweet video message. 

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"Hey kids, it's Lizzo," she began. "I saw the wonderful video that y'all made. Your teacher is very cool. I wanna thank you so much for supporting me and I wanna let you know that you are 100 percent the future."

"You're so bright and so beautiful and so talented," she continued. "So, keep it up and I hope to see y'all one day. I want to drop in on your class, so hopefully we can make that happen. But in the meantime, stay bright!"

It wasn't the first time the "Juice" singer had showed them some love. Earlier in the week, she retweeted their video, writing, "This IS the best thing I've watched all day."