Hailee Steinfeld Weighs In On Pitch Perfect 4 Rumors

Hailee Steinfeld addressed the rumors sparked by Rebel Wilson that a Pitch Perfect 4 could be happening during her visit to Watch What Happens Live!. Check out her full answer below!

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Hailee Steinfeld is down to return to the Barden Bellas!

During an appearance on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, the Dickinson star responded to rumors sparked by Rebel Wilson that a Pitch Perfect 4 could be in the works. In response to a fan's question, the actress said, "I have no idea and I mean that truthfully."

Luckily for fans of the Anna Kendrick-led franchise, Steinfeld thinks it would be loads of fun to make another installment. "If it is, I would love to do that again," she revealed to host Andy Cohen. "So, if there is a fourth, that would be news to me and very exciting news."

Another epic tale about the Barden Bellas would be very exciting, indeed! In October 2018, Steinfeld's hilarious Australian co-star teased on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she, Kendrick, Brittany SnowAnna Camp and the rest of the gang could very well be reuniting for another aca-awesome movie.

Is this Really the End of "Pitch Perfect"?

Referencing a photo of Wilson and some of the franchise's co-stars holding up four fingers each, Ellen DeGeneres asked, "I saw that everybody in Pitch Perfect was posing with the number four. Does that mean there's gonna be a Pitch Perfect 4? It would assume so."

"I mean, I can't say anything officially, Ellen," Wilson said. "But we just love each other, all of us girls."

Then the Bridesmaids alum dropped a juicy hint. "I'll be filming another musical film in the next 12 months," she divulged. "I can say that." Given that we're past that 12-month point already, it's most likely that Wilson was referencing Cats.

But that doesn't mean another installation of the beloved franchise can't happen. Steinfeld is already aca-all in!

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