Watch Jason Momoa Almost Kill James Corden With a Bow and Arrow

Jason Momoa and James Corden put their archery skills to the test on Wednesday night's Late Late Show. See the hilarious video here.

By emily belfiore Nov 07, 2019 1:14 PMTags
Jason Momoa, James Corden, Late Late Show

Jason Momoa is a sharp shooter...kind of. 

The Aquaman hunk put his archery skills to the test during a hilarious sketch on Wednesday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which host James Corden desperately tried his best to hang with Momoa while completing some of the actor's favorite (dangerous) hobbies.

Up first: Momoa brought out some vintage motorcycles for the pair to ride. Or, in Momoa's words, "some hogs." 

"It looks like you stole it from Mad Max," the late night host joked before hopping on. "I feel really cool on it." 

Still, the comedian was clearly hesitant to take a ride, especially because he lacked the proper motorcycle clothes. So, being the good friend that he is, Momoa brought out a leather biker ensemble for the Cats star to wear, complete with a skull bandana and old-school googles. And, to continue to ease Corden's nerves, Momoa brought out another bike with a side car attached. Phew. 

"Yes, now this is perfect," Corden sighed with relief. "This is me. Jason Momoa's side piece, I absolutely love it."

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Next up: Archery. And to Corden's surprise, the Game of Thrones star is a skilled archer and actually practices at home with wife Lisa Bonet, of course.

"I've never felt like less of a man," Corden admitted. "You're throwing Tomahawks and I'm literally watching The Bake Off."

To really prove his abilities, Momoa insisted on shooting an apple off of Corden's head while wearing a blindfold. "There's no reason for this," the host said anxiously. "I already think you're amazing!"

But once Momoa put his blindfold on, Corden pulled off an elaborate switcheroo. The funnyman quickly swapped places with a boxing dummy—and it was a good thing that he did because the arrow went right through its head.

"I'd be dead!" Corden screamed. "That would have been in my face!" 

Noticing that the actor was upset his didn't trust him, Corden quickly put things into perspective. "Well, however much that hurts," he said motioning to Momoa then the dummy, "That would have hurt a lot more."

Watch the duo's epic hang out in the video above!