Why Hayden Panettiere's Family Doesn't Support Brian Hickerson Reconciliation

Hayden Panettiere and Brian Hickerson are back together and not everyone is thrilled with this reconciliation. Get the scoop on the reaction from family and friends.

By Mike Vulpo Nov 06, 2019 6:10 PMTags
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It's safe to say not everyone is thrilled with this reconciliation.

Just a few short days ago, Hayden Panettiere and ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson were photographed walking through an airport together.

The pictures quickly had fans wondering if these two are giving their romance a second chance. As it turns out, E! News has some answers.

"Hayden and Brian got back together as soon as the restraining order was lifted," a source shared with us. "Neither one of them wanted the restraining order in place and it was the only thing preventing them from being together."

Our insider added, "Hayden has been open with her friends and family about her decision to reunite with Brian.  Even though she knows they don't approve of him, Hayden is telling everyone that things are different this time."

Just last month, multiple outlets confirmed that Brian won't be charged in his domestic violence case with Hayden. In fact, the case was dismissed during a Los Angeles hearing.

Ultimately, a source tells E! News that Hayden's loved ones "are frustrated and disappointed" to see the Hollywood actress back with Brian.

In fact, her decision to get back with Brian is driving a wedge between Hayden and her ex Wladimir Klitschko.

"Wladimir doesn't want Brian around [their daughter] Kaya and that will not change anytime soon," a source shared with us. "It seems at this point there is nothing they can do to convince her that this isn't a healthy situation."