Dua Lipa Says Social Media Is a "Breeding Ground for Hate"

Social media is just as toxic to Dua Lipa as it is to you. Find out what else she said on BBC Breakfast

By Corinne Heller Nov 06, 2019 4:00 PMTags
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Social media is just as toxic to Dua Lipa as it is to you.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, the 24-year-old Grammy-winning British-Kosovan singer opens up about the mostly negative impact it's had on her life.

"Some days I don't read into the comments," she said. "Some days maybe I feel a little bit more vulnerable and I dive in and I almost go looking for things that I don't want to see. I think it's definitely human nature. I'm not going to hide that. I definitely don't want to hide that because I want people to hear that we're all human and we all go through the same thing."

"Social media can be such an amazing tool and it can be so fun to share things, but at the same time, it can really, it's almost a breeding ground for hate and anxiety," she said. "People feel like they can say things because they're hiding behind a computer screen. I think that for me, it's important to use social media in bite sizes—as long as it makes me feel good, and the second it doesn't, I like to take some time away from it.

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The singer added, "I feel like that's something we should all do, we should encourage kindness and protect our fans and protect ourselves—just be nicer to one another. I feel like we'd all have a much better experience on social media if that was the case. You can't change everyone's mind on that and some people use it as a form of release, in whatever way that may be - sometimes at the expense of others. But it's baby steps. Hopefully we can try and make it a much safer experience for everyone."

Dua Lipa is not the only celebrity to speak out against social media.

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"I think it's just become really unhealthy, I think, personally, for young people, including myself, to spend all of their time fixating on all these comments and letting this stuff in," Selena Gomez said earlier this year. "It was affecting me. It would make me depressed. It would make me feel not good about myself and look at my body differently and all kinds of stuff."

"I have it on someone else's phone," she added. "And when I feel like I want to share something with my fans or just mess around with it, I do it then."