Mandy Moore Truly Wanted to Open Her Own Yak Farm—Yes, Really

Mandy Moore revealed that she developed an affinity for yak milk during her recent hiking trip to the base camp of Mount Everest. Find out why she thinks it's better than regular dairy here.

By emily belfiore Nov 06, 2019 2:12 PMTags

Mandy Moore is, um, missing yak milk like candy.

During her appearance on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress recalled her May hiking trip to the base camp of Mount Everest, where she said she developed an affinity for yak milk while staying at the various tea houses along the Khumbu Valley in Nepal. Yes, you read that right: Yak milk.

"They have yak milk tea, which I became obsessed with and wanted to, like, open a yak farm when I got home," the This Is Us star raved. "I'm like, ‘I'm obsessed with yak milk!'"

Though host Jimmy Kimmel assumed may have just been malnourished and delirious from the week-long trek, she swore it was simply the best. "It's delicious," she continued. "Cow's milk hurts my stomach, but yak's milk was fine."

And now, perhaps she'll bring that love to her California home. "Maybe I get a yak," she joked, noting that she can find space for the Himalayan mammal. "In the yard? The dogs running around, the yak in the backyard."

Mandy Moore Tells on That Recently Released Song!

Seems like she and husband Taylor Goldsmith are too busy working on her return to music to tend to a Yak, though. After all, the "Candy" singer is set to release her first album in 10 years.

"We've written the whole record together," she gushed. "He's playing all on the album. We're gonna go on tour together. It's pretty cute!"

Back in September, the superstar dropped her first single in a decade.

"I mean, there's like a collective holding of your breath, I guess, but I feel so confident about what I'm doing and who I'm working with and what the material is," she told E! News' Jason Kennedy at the time. "I'm mostly doing it for myself. I'm just glad the response has been positive and people are digging [my] music, too."

As it turns out, people dig her vocals so much that ABC has ordered a pilot for a drama series based on her music career.

"Big news!" she shared on Instagram after the announcement. "I'm so thrilled and grateful for the chance to tell a version of my own story with an incredible team (including our TIU show runners/writers @iaptaker and @bergernight). It's my first project as a producer and I can not wait to watch it come to fruition."