Janet Jackson's Son Asks to Watch Videos of Mom and Michael Jackson Dancing

Janet Jackson's son already loves music, instruments and watching his famous relatives perform.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 06, 2019 1:14 PMTags
Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation, 1989REX USA/Eugene Adebari

For Janet Jackson's son, it seems the apple has not fallen far from the musical tree. 

While the pop icon's son Eissa Al Manna is not yet 3 years old, the little one already has taken a liking to music and dance. As his famous mama shared on Australian radio show, Carrie & Tommy, Eissa asks to watch videos of her and his late famous uncle, Michael Jackson, dancing. 

"He says, 'See mama dance. Watch Uncle Michael and mama,' and he wants to see 'Scream' at that point," she said. She noted Eissa also does some of Michael's moves from "They Don't Care About Us" and also loves "Smooth Criminal."

"He carries a tune," Janet confirmed. "He's very musical, incredibly musical."

She noted her youngster loves being where the band is, the instruments and making up melodies. "He has really good pitch," she shared. 


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While it's undeniable music is a part of the tot, if little Eissa were to pursue something other than show business, would mom be disappointed?

"Of course not," she assured the host. "It's really about what he wants to do with his life."

While that's still years away, in the meantime, Janet is raising him sans a nanny while currently on tour for the 30th anniversary celebration of Rhythm Nation.

"My mother did it. Her mother did it. Why can't I?" she said of not having a nanny. "I don't have anyone and I love it."

As she said of her only child, "He's the reason I breathe. He's my heart."