Below Deck's Abbi Murphy Marries "F--k Buddy" Boyfriend After Getting Engaged Over Text

Abbi Murphy revealed the sweet details of her private wedding to long-time love Patrick.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 05, 2019 5:10 PMTags
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When you know, you know! 

Congratulations are in order for Below Deck star Abbi Murphy. The reality TV starlet revealed that she has married her long-time love Patrick after the text message engagement fans got treated to on Monday night's episode of the Bravo show. Abbi began dating Patrick prior to starring on Below Deck. In fact, Patrick is a Greek sailboat captain and used to be her boss! Unfortunately for fans, he stopped working with her after she joined the cast of the show.

On the episode, Abbi tells her friends that she didn't realize how serious things were with Patrick until she was surrounded by other men. "With Patrick, I've just been really naive and stupid thinking he was just my boyfriend, f--k buddy thing when in reality we have something special," she revealed. "Being around hot guys has made me actually realize, ‘Oh s--t, I'm not interested in anybody else!'"

Abbi proved that sometimes you don't need an expensive ring or lavish proposal, all you really need is love, and a nicely worded text message. "Guess what guys! I got engaged tonight!" she shared with other members of the crew. "This guy said he loved me for the first time via text message, and then I said, ‘I love you too.' And then he said, ‘Do you want to marry me?' and I said, ‘Yeah sure, why not?'"

For fans who may have been skeptical about the reality of someone actually getting engaged over text message, after the episode aired Abbi took to Instagram to reveal that they have already tied the knot. 

"Yes... we actually got married. The wedding was at a town hall in Plymouth, MA," she captioned a cute picture of her and Patrick. "We are wearing home-made rope rings made by my dad's gf's elementary school student. My dad was there and it was a beautiful, meaningful and simple ceremony. We didn't want or need a fancy wedding because we only needed each other in that moment. Now we are happy, sailing, living in Greece."

She got her happily ever after. 

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