You'll definitely recognize Trisha Paytas' "groom."

Las month, the YouTube star had fans guessing when she revealed in a video she was engaged and getting married on Nov. 1. "They're well known, but they're just a private person, so even though they're a public person, they're private," she said of her future partner online. 

Then, over the weekend, Paytas shared snaps of the wedding festivities, including herself with her "wedding squad" in front of a limo and a ring on her left hand, as well as a video of herself on stage with Criss Angel at his Las Vegas show after the alleged nuptials. However, who she married remained a mystery...until now. 

On Tuesday, the YouTube star uploaded her wedding video for fans to watch the entire ceremony unfold. Spoiler alert: it was all a sham. 

In the seven minute video, Paytas came down the aisle arm in arm with her mother to meet...a cardboard cutout of Brad Pittin a suit. Still, the commitment ceremony featured an officiant, music, a photographer and vows. 

Someone even stood behind the cardboard cutout to "speak," exchange vows with Paytas and place a ring on her hand. 

"I never thought I would find someone who wouldn't leave me and wouldn't talk back to me and judge me for being crazy. This is real and this means a lot," she told the cardboard cutout. "From the moment I got you in the mail, I knew this was going to last forever."

Ultimately, Paytas sealed the ceremony by making out with the cardboard before carrying it down the aisle with her. 

Needless to say, fans were far from thrilled with the Youtuber's stunt.

As one viewer commented, "This is literally so dumb."

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