Watch John Legend Hilariously Grill Chrissy Teigen About Other Men She's Attracted To

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen took a lie detector and grilled each other everything about life, career and their marriage.

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 04, 2019 6:21 PMTags

Putting it all on the line! 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are no strangers to being called relationship goals, and after their Vanity Fair lie detector test, there is no doubt that they are the epitome of the perfect couple. The two sat down in their robes to grill each other about everything under the sun. No topic was off limits, and what occurred was hilarious and nerve wracking, but always adorable. 

John kicked it off with a fun walk down memory lane. "You once told Vogue that the three words you would use to describe us are 'keeping it sexy'," he shared with his wife. "That was two years ago. Would you still use those two words to describe us today?" Leave it to Chrissy to make the sweet question a little NSFW. 

"I would use those words to describe us this morning," she said with a mischievous look on her face. John was not ready for his wife's coy answer. "Woah alright now," he said a little embarrassed. "I just got back from a four day trip." 

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The questions didn't get any safer and John used the opportunity to ask his wife some other fairly personal questions while she was strapped up to the test. "Do you still find other men attractive?" He asked her. Chrissy gave her hubby a truthful and honest yes, but he wasn't going to stop there. John pulled out photos of other celebrities to get his wife's take on their level of handsomeness.

First up was James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules, who Chrissy acknowledged was cute, and then John moved onto fake sexy firefighters, and finished off by showing her a picture of the cartoon Arthur who John has been compared to on multiple occasions. 

Throughout the exchange the couple also hilariously argued about each other's idiosyncrasies. Like the fact that Chrissy never remembers to screw the cap back on the toothpaste, which drives John insane. "Have you ever left the toothpaste open?" He asked her point blank. 

"Everyday," she said without blinking an eye. "Because it needs to have a snap on the top. Until you get me one with a snap on the top I will continue to leave it open. Honestly, I'm leaving it open because you're going to use it next so you don't have to unscrew it." John relented and let his wife believe her own lie.

They also revealed that they didn't have sex on their wedding night, which John admits they wish they would have done. After apologizing Chrissy hilariously yells "no one has sex on their wedding night!"

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When it came time for Chrissy to grill John, she didn't go easy on him. The model opened up by asking him if he ever cheated on her, and of course it was a no. "Are you waiting on me to lose this baby weight," She asked him. 

"No," he shared. "You look perfect." Luckily for Chrissy, the professional reading the test agreed that John was in fact telling the truth.  

It turns out, Chrissy and John have absolutely