Chrissy Teigen’s Halloween Hangover Should Be Cured By These Sensational Party Photos

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hosted an epic Halloween party at their California house on Thursday night—one that has left the star with one wicked hangover.

By kelli boyle Nov 01, 2019 9:59 PMTags

Chrissy Teigen partied hard on Halloween, and oh boy, is she regretting it today.

In a video tweeted on Friday, Chrissy revealed just how bad her hangover is following her and John Legend's epic Halloween bash. "I honestly don't think I'm ever doing anything again ever," she joked, all too relatably. "I didn't even post anything 'cause I lost my phone all night. I'll post some stuff now."

Holding true to that promise, the mom of two shared a behind-the-scenes video of her getting her glam done for her magnificent Maleficent costume. "Flashback to better times," she joked in her tweet. In the clip, the Cravings author shows off her heightened cheekbones just like the ones Angelina Jolie sports in the Disney franchise. And if the makeup wasn't enough to impress you, the finished look was 10 times more glam.

The Chrissy's Court star posted a photo on Instagram of her and John in the impressively detailed photo booth set up in their California home, Chrissy looking down at her man in all of her magical glory. She shared it with no caption because, well, does she really need one?

No, she does not! Plus, based on this video she tweeted, it seems like the queen of Twitter might not be in the best headspace to come up with witty captions today. We feel you, girl.

The photos she and the "All Of Me" singer shared from their spooky soiree are nothing short of legendary, though.

Behold, the king and queen of the internet.

And the heir to their kingdom!

Bow down to the details of these costumes and this photo booth.

Of course, Halloween isn't complete without a good group photo.

And here's one of more little Luna, looking regal as Princess Aurora!

Another Stephens family Halloween perfectly executed. Get back to nursing that hangover, Chrissy!