Liam Hemsworth's New Love Maddison Brown Absolutely Nails Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume

Actress Maddison Brown dressed up as Kylie Jenner for Halloween on Thursday. See her "Rise and Shine" costume!

By Jess Cohen Nov 01, 2019 5:27 PMTags
Maddison Brown, Kylie JennerGetty Images/Instagram

Rise and shine!

Maddison Brown just won Halloween with her instantly iconic Kylie Jenner costume. The Dynasty actress, who has been making headlines recently for her romance with Liam Hemsworth, took to Instagram on Thursday to show off her Kylie look in a series of posts. For the holiday celebration, Maddison replicated the beauty mogul's ensemble from her now-infamous Kylie Cosmetics office tour video.

As fans of the E! star will know, Kylie's office tour went viral thanks to her "Rise and Shine" vocals. The clip of the 22-year-old star singing to her daughter Stormi Webster has taken over the internet, and was the emphasis of Maddison's Halloween costume. For her Kylie look, Maddison recreated the E! star's Chanel dress that she wore in the office tour video, while also wearing a long brunette wig to complete her Kylie transformation.

"hrrrrRiseee and shaaaiiiiine," Maddison captioned one photo of her Kylie ensemble.

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Maddison also took the time to playfully promote her CW show, writing, "My new lip kit 'DYNASTY MUSICAL EPISODE' dropping tomorrow at 9pm on the CW."

"Ok guys we're gonna wake Stormi up and get out of here and show you her room," Maddison wrote alongside another picture, while also sharing the viral clip of Kylie's office tour.

Maddison also recreated the "Rise and Shine" moment, posting a video of her singing the line on Instagram.

"That's a wrap on Halloween, see you next year," Maddison wrote to her followers. "Watch Dynasty. Stream rise and shine."

But she wasn't done just yet, playing on Kylie's beauty empire, Maddison shared one last hilarious post.

"I'm wearing my new lipstick in the colour 'Oh you thought I was done posting pictures in my Halloween costume?' RESTOCKING SOON," the 22-year-old actress wrote, with a #riseandshine hashtag, of course.

Mic drop.

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