Friends Returning to the Big Screen for Thanksgiving

It's not the reunion you want, but Friends is returning to movie theaters

By Chris Harnick Oct 31, 2019 3:45 PMTags
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Friends fans have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. No, it's not a reunion, although Jennifer Aniston said the cast is working on "something," but a return to the big screen. Eight Thanksgiving-themed episodes will hit the big screen nationwide on November 24 and 25. The episodes are newly remastered in 4K from the original 35mm camera negative.

"Friendsgiving will reunite fans with their longtime BFFs — Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe — to re-live some of their funniest moments. Fans will watch as Monica puts a turkey on her head, Rachel makes a curious trifle cake, Ross reveals an old secret, Chandler declares his love for Monica, Joey tries to devour an entire turkey, and Phoebe exposes something curious about Chandler's canine allergy," Fathom Events said in a press release.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, Nov. 1.

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Friends hit the big screen in September as part of Warner Bros.'s massive 25th premiere anniversary celebration. The three-night September run grossed an estimated $2.9 million with more than 230,000 viewers across the country.

"Fans showed up in full force for our initial Friends screenings, so we know there is demand for more," Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events, said in a statement. "We're excited to put eight classic episodes on the big screen for fans to celebrate with their friends, just in time for Thanksgiving."

"Fathom's events offer our incredible Friends fans an opportunity to enjoy a shared viewing experience. These Thanksgiving-themed episodes were digitally remastered for theaters and we hope the fans enjoy coming together to feast on these classics and celebrate with a Happy Friendsgiving," Lisa Gregorian, president and chief marketing officer of Warner Bros. Television Group, said in a statement.

The 25th anniversary celebration for Friends continues with the Central Perk pop up in Boston.