Internet Personality Brittany Furlan Reveals Why She Left Vine After Gaining 10 Million Followers

By Alyssa Ray Nov 01, 2019 1:00 PMTags

Fame can be all-consuming.

Former Vine star Brittany Furlan details this very point in a clip from Sunday's all-new E! True Hollywood Story. While Furlan found immense success on the now defunct social media platform, she reveals she faced risky side-effects to her mental health.

"I left Vine because Vine got more toxic for me than it did positive," Tommy Lee's wife details in a confessional. "I take everything really personally. When I was on Vine I had 10 million followers, OK? Now I'm on Instagram and I have 2.6 million."

Understandably, the significant difference in followers left Furlan feeling insecure about her presence online.

"You start to think, 'Well, what was I doing better when I had all these other followers on this platform that I don't have them all on this one?'" Furlan shares with the THS camera.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a noticeable decrease in followership can be triggering for those addicted to fame.

"The famous, their biggest issue is when things go away," the celebrity doctor continues. "If they start to see things, their followership diminishing, that's when there's a problem. And they become severely depressed."

Furlan seemingly confirms Pinsky's point by revealing that she depends on "the approval of others in order to be successful in my life."

"Which is really depressing," the internet sensation concludes.

For Furlan's words on the toxicity of Vine, be sure to watch the clip above.