Simone Biles' First Pitch at the Astros Game Just Won the World Series

The professional gymnast brought her floor routine to the baseball mound during Wednesday night's game between the Astros and the Nationals.

By emily belfiore Oct 24, 2019 12:53 PMTags
Simone Biles, 2019 World SeriesMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Is there anything that Simone Biles can't do?!

The record-breaking gymnast brought her skills to the baseball mound on Wednesday night for Game 2 of the 2019 World Series, in which the Houston Astros took on the Washington Nationals. Biles had the honor of throwing the first pitch and proved that her talent knows no limits.

Rocking skinny jeans and an orange Astros jersey, the Houston native gold medalist put a unique spin on her pitch—literally. She started things off with an impressive back flip and twist before throwing the ball to the Astros' outfielder Jake Marisnick, stunning the crowd (and the Internet) with her perfect execution. 

"Dear Gymnastics Code of Points," Team USA's official Twitter account praised. "When does this become the ‘Biles' on the pitcher's mound?" Even the superstar couldn't contain her excitement, tweeting, "WORLD SERIES BBY."

As she often does, the Olympic gold medalist had her no. 1 fans, Ron Biles and mom Nellie Biles, cheering her on from the stands.


Every Time Simone Biles Was a Total Winner

"My parents are THE cutest," she captioned an adorable shot of the duo sharing a kiss at the game. 

Later, her family joined her on the field, where they put their personalized jerseys on full display. And though her home team may have lost, Biles certainly came out as champion.

Indeed, her winning streak has been on fire.

Earlier this month, she became the most-decorated female gymnast in history following her 21st World Championship medal at the Women's Team Final. She won her 25th medal at the gymnastics world championships and consequently broke the record for both men and women, bringing her to a total of 19 gold medals overall.

Next up, Tokyo 2020!