Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals She Was This Close to Never Meeting Jason Tartick

The reality star details the fateful day that almost didn't happen.

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 23, 2019 10:56 PMTags
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Written in the stars. 

It was only a year ago that Kaitlyn Bristowe walked into a podcast studio and met the man of her dreams. In one year, the former Bachelorette star fell in love with Jason Tartick and while it would seem like the rest was history, apparently in reality it was far from it. Kaitlyn took to her Instagram on Wednesday and revealed that the fateful day that changed her life almost didn't happen. 

"EMOTIONAL ALERT," Kaitlyn started off the long post about her boyfriend. "On this day last year.... I walked into a studio in Seattle to podcast with Jason and Olivia. I almost canceled because I had been bawling my eyes out in an Uber, going through some crap, and I was crying on FaceTime to my dad when he came in. We had never met, but he hugged me, and told me he had just cried too at a charity event he came from. He looked at me and said, 'let's have a soft Tuesday together.'"

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Turns out, Kaitlyn wasn't the only reason that the event didn't occur. Apparently Jason almost pulled out of the event as well thanks to an unfortunate health issue."He almost canceled as well because he had an eye infection," she continued. "He brought a nice bottle of wine, and I had asked Olivia to join me for the podcast because I thought I would need someone to help keep the energy up, since I was so sad." 

Luckily, it was the pain she was experiencing that helped her see the sweeter side of her future beau. "But If you spend two seconds with Jason you realize his energy is electric and you can't help but be in a good mood," she shared. "My day had changed. I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought of Jason as a friend, and wanted him to be the bachelor. He actually helped me through a hard time. I just wanted him to be happy."

If you're not already crying, get ready because there's more. Kaitlyn closed out the sweet post with a personal message for her boyfriend that was the icing on the cake. "J, I met you 365 days ago and from what felt like a goofy friendship, turned into a beautiful love story," she wrote to him. "Thank you for always lifting me up, being my rock, and thank you for stepping foot into that studio with your Cyclopes eye. You're my Lobster." 

Wouldn't be a proper Instagram love tribute without an iconic Friends reference. Here's to many more years!