Dickinson Is More Than Just the Story of Emily Dickinson's Life

Exclusive: Hailee Steinfeld and more of the cast of the new Apple TV+ series talk modernizing the famous poet

By Lauren Piester Oct 21, 2019 11:03 PMTags
Watch: Exclusive: "Dickinson" Premiere Brings Out the Stars

Thanks to Apple TV+, Emily Dickinson is coming back to life.

Dickinson is just a couple of weeks away from debuting on Apple TV+, but the show made its world premiere on Thursday, October 17 and brought all the stars of the series together. E! News has an exclusive look at the carpet, featuring stars Hailee Steinfeld, Jane Krakowski and more giving us a taste of what the show will be like. 

"Emily Dickinson was completely misunderstood in her time, so our show asks that question of, can we understand her in ours," Steinfeld says in the video above. 

The pop star and actress plays Emily as a modern girl living in a not-so-modern time, whose poems play a big role in the series. 

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"Her poems are very mysterious and hard to understand, and so is her life, and that's one of the fun things about her," says creator and showrunner Alena Smith. "The show uses inspiration from her imagery and her poetry to build plot and story as much as it does from the facts of her life." 

Anna Baryshknikov, who plays Emily's younger sister Lavinia, describes the series as "a beautiful blend of past and present," with period costumes along with, for example, a Hailee Steinfeld song playing. 

The show is described as "Emily's coming-of-age story—one woman's fight to get her voice heard." 

Dickinson also stars Krakowski as Emily's mother, Toby Huss as Emily's father, Adrian Enscoe as her older brother Austin, and Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert, Emily's sister-in-law. 

All episodes of Dickinson will premiere November 1 exclusively on Apple TV+. Apple TV+ service will be available on the Apple TV app