Will Ronda Rousey Accept Nia Jax's Apology for Calling Her "Disrespectful" on Total Divas?

By Alyssa Ray Oct 23, 2019 3:00 AMTags
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Has Ronda Rousey gotten too rowdy?

On Tuesday's all-new Total Divas, Nia Jax called out the MMA fighter turned wrestler for being disrespectful. The drama all started when Rousey debuted her "bad guy" persona as her Total Divas peers watched from backstage.

"We all know I make you too much money for you to fire me and you know it," Rousey taunted WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. "I have free reign to do anything I want in this ring, because I did everything I could to respect this business. But you know what? No. I am not your dancing monkey, not anymore."

While Rousey and the WWE crowd seemingly enjoyed the villain debut, others were not as pleased with her boisterous speech. Specifically, Jax felt Rousey had been "flying off the handle" and "talking a lot of s--t online."

"It doesn't just take one person to make you a star," Nia lamented in a confessional. "You are not the only person in this world. But, for some reason, you think that you can just walk on water and that nobody can touch you."

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Furthermore, Nia felt Ronda was being disrespectful to the women in the industry who built and taught the former UFC fighter.

"At the WWE, we're a family. How dare you disrespect all the women who have laid the groundwork for you," the Australian-born wrestler further added. "No. I'm not gonna frickin' stand for this."

Thus, it wasn't surprising when Nia confronted Ronda with her frustrations.

"Uh, that's like disrespectful though," Jax blindsided Rousey backstage.

"I didn't mean any disrespect," the 32-year-old defended.

Unfortunately, Nia had no interest in hearing Ronda out as she stormed off. Since Ronda felt it was just part of her act, she didn't think it was very fair that Nia came at her "like that."

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"It just seems like I'm constantly offending people because I'm not living by rules that I don't even know," Ronda confided in husband Travis Browne.

Following her feuds with Sonya Deville and Nia, Ronda seemed insecure about her relationships within the WWE. Eventually, Browne was able to get his wife to think about the bigger picture.

"You're just trying to bring attention to the whole division," Browne assured his wife. "You're kind of like the catalyst. You're the one carrying the weight on your back to bring all the attention."

Still, this wasn't the first time Nia has blown up at a Total Divas peer.

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Most recently, the wrestling maven accused Carmella of being "fake and not authentic." It didn't take long for Nia's peers to notice her "mean streak."

Case in point: Trinity Fatu was shocked when Nia wouldn't stop talking about the drama while on a girls' trip in Florida.

"I understand Nia's viewpoint, but we're not at work right now," a frustrated Trinity, who is known professionally as Naomi, stated to the Total Divas camera. "Let's keep that at work, 'cause it's killing the vibe right now."

Thankfully, a night out with Trinity and her other gal pals brought Nia out of her bad mood.

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"I'm really blessed to have very a strong circle of women." Nia expressed later on. "I know, no matter what, if I'm in a bad place they're instantly gonna turn me around, make me feel good and positive and put me in a place of gratitude."

Not to mention, this trip inspired Nia to drop her beef with Ronda—and even apologize.

"We respect the work that you've put in," Nia confessed to Ronda. "And we know you coming here was like a big deal for all of us, but it's hard to get recognition here. It's frickin' hard and it gets to you."

Unsurprisingly, Ronda accepted Nia's apology and was empathetic towards her friend's struggle. In fact, Ronda urged Nia to come to her if she ever needed to vent.

"I understand. I know she is just frustrated that all of the attention is on me," Ronda concluded. "So, everything worked out."

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